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Job offers / PAYED Pixel Artist Wanted for Iphone Game
« on: November 21, 2011, 11:19:08 pm »
This is MKultra Studio Manager.

Standard/negotiable rate: 15$/hr ... (read post)

We are looking for a pixel artist who can clone the style of TRACK AND FIELD's arcade graphics for an Iphone/Ipad Game.

The applicant must show his skill at cloning of this retro-arcade graphics (changing them a little to avoid copyright issues), but also improve the old animation of these games. We want to re-do this game with almost exact graphics (characters, items and backgrounds) to keep the retro ambience, this last is very important, we want to see GFX and physics like the arcade, but better anims, SFX, music and menus.

Please send samples of your retro-style works and anims, with a budget for the entire project (you'll be the GFX artist of the game) at :

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