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I greatly appreciate the insight! I feel pretty f***ing stupid to be honest. I guess it's the fact that I've been working on the album all year - for free obviously. I don't have any experience and very little knowledge of video development so I guess I shouldve asked first what a reasonable fee would be.

But never the less. There might be some more money in this. I THINK 5000$ is a bit over the top for me, but 3000 might be managable. And the deadline can be pushed back. And I had flash in mind(frame by frame capturing is overkill). Copyright stealing is not an option but if it would simplify - making the video look like an old NES game would be totally okey. The video will be about 3-3.5 minutes.

I am very interested in this being made so I'm gonna check the financial situation and get back.

Thanks again!

I see.

What would be a reasonable fee for this then?

  1. Who am I?
My name is Josef Falkensköld and I'm a Composer/Sound Designer. Visit to see some of my work.
2. Project title.
Gam3r M3tal

3. Description of project.
Gam3r M3tal is a full length metal album with lyrics about games and gaming. Unlike similar artists, my songs are NOT covers(except one in the end) but brand new songs, composed and performed by me. It is to be electronically released on iTunes, Spotify and similar services soon.
Visit for the full set. Or search for Gam3r M3tal on Spotify.
Album art:

4. Talent/Position requirements.
What I need is a music video for one of these songs for promotional purposes. For this, a talented pixelartist and animator is required.
 You have experience with video editing as I require you to do the actual video as well.
  I will require that you show a portfolio of your previous commercial work, both stills and animated.
  You have strong communication skills because we will discuss the development and you need to stay open to my input, as well as I will to your.
  You keep deadlines. Final deadline is 31 december 2011, but if you are done before that I won't be upset :)
5. Payment.
500 US dollars upon completion. Paypal preferred.

Full Credit where suitable.

6. Contact information.
My email - Josef(at)

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