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General Discussion / Re: Game Developement
« on: April 22, 2013, 10:16:44 pm »

I'm using C# for my basic 2D engine, and here are some useful tools:

Eventually, I'll make it cross-platform by building it with Mono and OpenGL

Hope this is useful for anyone!

General Discussion / Re: #pixelation "PT" Has passed away!!
« on: September 20, 2005, 12:20:19 am »
I did not know him, since I'm new, but by looking at this topic he was pretty popular and seemed to be a cool guy.


Sorry to hear this.

General Discussion / Re: SidraX, I need pixel artists bad!
« on: September 20, 2005, 12:19:08 am »
I don't want to be mean, but this is all very confusing. From what I can gather, you are developing a game, and you've gone from VB to C++, and some other stuff. Personally I would like to see some kind of game concept, before even considering doing free work for a project. Back in my glory days of game design, people would look at you funny if you wanted to design a game, but hadn't written any sort of concept, or outline. Actually, a concept is absolutely vital to the success of any game project, if you have one, is there some way we can read/see it? Thanks.

- Dog

I agree with you! I made a post on the forums here: that explains in more in detail about what we plan to do. Someone posted a question and both Frosty and I responded.

Our goal is to build a community, share with the community our ideas, feelings, and let the community be a major role in development.

General Discussion / SidraX, I need pixel artists bad!
« on: September 18, 2005, 04:21:07 pm »
Team name

Project name

Brief description
Frosty and I have started this project in early summer of 2004. We worked on the engine in Visual Basic 6 (the source code can be found here.). When the summer ended, and school neared we slowly worked on the project, eventually it came to a complete hault. When christmas vacation of 2004 started, Frosty and I started working on SidraX VB once again. This is when we released 0.9.8, our latest and last version. That is when we decided Visual Basic 6 is not going to meet our needs, or requirements. We dropped the VB6 project, and a few days later released the source code for others to learn from. SidraX VB was more of a steep learning curve for the both of us. I have learned UDP/TCP protocols and Winsock API. Frosty has learned DirectX7 and DirectDraw.

This summer, we have decided to work on our real project. At the moment, I am currently developing the level editor in C#. Once the level editor can save and open levels, I will begin developing our gameserver in C++. Our current C++ engine is now called SidraX, and our old SidraX engine has been changed to SidraX VB. SidraX will be developed using OpenGL. In the future, we will support both DirectX9 (or the latest technology) and OpenGL. Hopefully, in the far distant future, we might be able to hook all our Mac and Linux friends up.

Target aim
Right now we're sticking with being freeware. In the future, it could be possible we will charge $5-$10 USD for a monthly or yearly subscription to help pay for our game servers.

At the moment we are unable to pay anyone helping us. We're currently renting a dedicated server from Layered Technologies, that I personally pay for with no help at the moment.

Since we cannot pay any of our staff, we will offer them free and unlimited bandwidth for their own personal website (blogs, game site, etc).

The game engine and the game server are being programmed in C++. The level editor, and other tools, are being programmed in C#.

Our development tools:
Dev-CPP 5
Microsoft Visual Studio 7

Talent needed
Pixel Artists-
We're looking for anyone who has the ability to make pixel artwork. You must be able to make sprites or basic tiles. Right now we're looking for basic tiles: Trees, grass, paths, houses, etc. Our tiles will be 16x16 (as of late, any questions e-mail me).

Right now we're getting very close to developing our rendering system. Because of this, we are trying to stay away from using royalty free graphics, or even ripping graphics from a game. This is not our goal.

If you can produce tiles for us, and get things done then you're what we need.

Concept Artist-
Anyone who is willing to help make creative concept art.

Web Artist-
Anyone who can make creative buttons, banners, sigs for the forums, help with website graphics for the future of making the official game website.

Sound Effects-
Although it's not really important at the moment, we are looking for someone who can make sound effects.

Not as important at the moment, but we are looking for someone who can create medieval type music.

C++/C# Programmers-
We're not in the need of any programmers quite yet. If you're a C++ or C# programmer, and think you could assist us in creating tools then contact me. We will not refuse anyone willing to help.

Team structure
Thomas Mack (mack)-
I'm the original founder of Sidra. I have had this project for about 7 years. I won't mention names, but I used to do level design for some other games which is why I never got around to making my own game.

Right now I'm the website designer and programmer. My current project I'm working on is the level editor which is made in C#. After it's complete, I will be working on the game server, and all of the database programming.

John (Frosty)-
Frosty has the heavy task of programming the game engine. After the engine is functional, he will be assisting me in creating all the tools (perfecting) and of course perfecting the game server.

Frosty and I have been loyal to Sidra for a extremely long time. We work together, not as one, but as a team. If Frosty needs help with something, I give him all my assistance and help him solve any problems. He does the same for me. We're the perfect team. Now we're looking for people to give us a hand.

The original idea of making the game engine started when we created SidraX VB. Although it was more of a learning curve for us, we do our best to get what we want done.

You can find our website at

You can post on our forum at:
Or you can e-mail me at
If you do not get a reply with in 24 hours, try posting on our forums instead as I might NOT have received your email (our mail server isn't perfect).

Additional Info
Right now our C++ engine is being developed. However, if anyone is interested I can provide a screenshot of the level editor (it's not much, I'm working on the renderer right now).

The most we have to show is the SidraX VB Source Code located here.

Actual Game
The actual game will be medieval based. We have not fully developed our story. There will be a multiplayer version and a single player version. If you have any questions, contact me via e-mail. We're waiting to get more staff, so we can create a creative game.

Tell us what you think.

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