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Just woke up to and see your awesome attachment bathroom plans that are much better than the ones i made :P

Quick note: my wife talked to the owner and the 2 small interior walls of bathroom 3 can not be removed as we had thought. So the size of the tiling area will be cut there. I have to go teach a class for 2 hours but when I return i'll post a more detailed explanation.

For now just don't design anything for bathroom 3 until i update the information for it.

All other bathrooms are still ok.

Here is the updated Bathroom 3 info.

Note that the upper portion will not be tiled over and the bottom portion inner wall does not have an exact measurement. The landlord lives very far away and I can't get access to measure or take pictures at the moment.

We have also decided to remove Classroom 1 Bathroom 2 because Bathroom 1 will be large enough to accommodate enough children.

So again, no more bathroom 2, and no more upper portion to bathroom 3.

Edited OP to clarify.

Fixed it. I didn't think of using quotes until after I had already written responses in a different order. Then messed up rearranging the order and slapping on quotes. :P

I will work on a wall design now and post it when its done. Though i'm not sure how awesome mine will turn out compared to more practiced artists; I do a lot of drawing and design myself though, just not professionally.

*edited the OP to state that I am interested in possibly many people contributing.

Does your wife speak Chinese? Is she the one teaching?

I am the Director of Education and teach most of our english classes.

So you can return partial tile sheets and get your money back? You typically buy a box of these sort of tile sheets and get about 10 per box. Then you can return unused sheets. But not partial sheets; sheet that have been cut apart and partially used. Nobody wants to the buy them, therefore tile dealers won't buy them back. Better make sure!

My wife assured me that they'd take back unused tiles, and it should have been clear that I will use separate colours to design with. However, people are generally unclear and often confused when communicating with each other here so i'm crossing my fingers but it seems ok.

The palette i think should be limited to 2 shades per colour; a light and a dark. It keeps things simple yet has enough diversity to allow to some depth perception and shading. This is how I would do pixel art in Minecraft for example and it turns out good enough for what I'm thinking. If you think it is necessary then you can add in another shade if you see it in the tile palette.

I don't mind at all mixing up tons of colours into crazy collages of characters and settings, or specific palette-controlled compositions. Really anything goes here.

I don't want the sexes to have anything noticeably catering to sex stereotypes like blue/pink motifs. Plus the bathrooms are unisex anyway in kindergarten.

Bear in mind that this is the first attempt at pixel art tiling. In the future we plan on opening more schools and if this works out as well as i think it can, i will oversee even more detailed and carefully planned projects with higher resolution. Right now we are just far too busy to attempt anything more elaborate than what I am after.

We definitely need shots taken of the spaces, in question, before anything is done. Try and get good really good images, please. And it would be ideal if the final photos are taken from the same exact angle for a really cool Before & After composite picture. I'll be honest, the main reason I want to do this is because I want the before and after pics for my portfolio. I love having an odd variety. Plus, I love your idea to apply the pixel art medium as a sort of 'art installation' in a Chinese kindergarten. That's just cool.

Ok i will go try to go there tomorrow and take shots of the bathroom walls. I would love to give an artist before and after shots. Plus I will acknowledge the work provided on our website; also under renovations.

So my Chinese isn't good enough to handle dealing with the sellers myself but I tried to make clear to my wife what I want. She assured me first that they have these same tiles colours in 5cm pieces.

I hadn't thought of the fact that they come in tile sheets but when we were at the shop they said they can use the tiles to make any design. If its a matter of paying them for more time to cut apart the sheets, it shouldn't be a problem.

Also she said they will refund money for any excess tiles when we are finished. Not having to worry about and count out specific colour amounts is fantastic; though i'll still likely do some counting with math.

I forgot to take pictures of the bathrooms when i was down there but all I had was my iPod and the light was quite dark anyway.

Hi Mathias thanks for the response,

Sorry about the floorplan pictures. It appears i was mistaken about the thumbnails. I had assumed the thumbnails would be clickable to open into the fullsized jpegs. I will re-upload them and edit the OP.

The tiling is only for the bathrooms. I think anything can be applied in the bathroom as it will always provide for interesting things to look at when the kids are sitting on the toilet :P

In the floorplans (high resolution) you can see that i've measured and calculated the amount of tiles necessary to the best of my ability. The tiles themselves are 5cm x 5cm and the grout is between 1-2mm.

I also thought about the labeling on the walls to keep the art aligned and placed correctly but i'm not sure of the easiest way for the workers to follow it. Bear in mind that I am in China and the quality of the work done by laborers is typically poor. However I will be supervising and having a limited palette helps reduce problems as well.

I think each wall should have separate art as aligning walls together along the corners will likely be a lot of trouble since the grout thickness can't be measured accurately.

*I am interested in more than one, possibly many, artists contributing to different walls.

My wife and I own a kindergarten and we are moving to a new place. A while ago when making up a bathroom I came across small colored tiles that can be used in tiling to make mosaics. I thought it would be awesome to make some pixel art in the children's bathrooms because I had some experience making it in the game Minecraft.

Now the opportunity has come but I don't have the time available to design the art for all of the walls (possibly more than 16 total surfaces), and I would love to have some variety in the art styles, plus very professional, clean-looking designs. I'm talking not just game art, but isometric landscapes/cityscapes, surrealism, abstract, whatever you want to make.

What better way to find amazing pixel art than asking communities on the internet? If you or someone you know may be interested, please reply.

What I am requesting:

Design fairly low resolution pixel art images, collages, or whatever awesome, and email it to me. The dimensions and walls are listed in the documents below. If you are interested please mention in thread what wall you wish to take so I know what goes where. Just a nice clean jpg, png, or bmp would be perfect so I can print it on 11x17 and hand it to the workers to follow.

What I am offering:

I will keep the thread up to date with progress in the form of text and photographs! Then when the bathrooms are finished i'll take pictures of them as well! Your pixel art will have a very long life bringing smiles, excitement, joy, and inspiration to young kids.

Additional infomation:

The school is an English school located in China. Chinese business dealings are often flaky, confusing, and full of misunderstandings. It is possible (though we hope not) that something could go wrong and we can't move into the new school or decorate. However we have signed the property rental papers and everything looks good at the moment.

The wall's resolutions vary but they all use 5cm tiles with a mortar estimated to be between 1-2mm on average. When i did the math for calculating the resolution requirements I averaged in 1.5mm for mortar the the images should be a bit larger than the wall resolution so I can easily compensate for inaccuracy.

Also the placement of toilets, sinks, towel racks, and more can't be organized in advance of the tile planning because it may take serious organizing to get the workers to follow the design docs.

We may get started tiling walls within days.

If you choose to do any walls please note the bathroom number and wall number together. The resolution for the pixel art should be a bit larger than the tiling resolution in the design docs; tiles long by tall, not cm.

Here are the design docs followed by examples of tiles with at least a light and dark variant of each major colour. The tiles in the picture are half the size of the ones that I will be using:

*update: bathroom 2 will be taken out to increase classroom space since bathroom 1 is very large. Also see bathroom 3 update attachment.

Bathroom 3 update

To anyone interested, Thank you. I know there's people out there that would think this an awesome, easy project, and the tiling will come out beautifully; i'm sure.

Any more questions please post them; i'll check in often.

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