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Wish us luck!

We are trying to find a crew to do the work for a decent price right now. The last guy was being a jerk and trying to up the price insanely for the custom tile work. It really won't be difficult since I'll supply a large print to follow with a grid.

It also looks like we may have to reduce the custom tiling to one wall per bathroom due to the cost :(

But I'll make sure it's a walk not blocked by toilets or fixtures.

The biggest bathroom I hope will have two picture walls.

Here's one I did assuming kids like baseball... right?
I want to make a soccer one too but I don't have much time to offer as of right now.
This is possibly the most magnanimous I can be for this wonderful project.

That is awesome though they have no idea what baseball is at their ages and being Chinese. :P

Right now we are fishing around for the best price to do the tile mosaics. The guys we talked to were trying to shaft us on the tiling because it takes so long to install. I'm talking around 150rmb (20 dollarsish) per square meter which seems ridiculous.

Awesome art from everyone. Thanks again.

Turns out we have a bit more time before we start tiling. Maybe a few more days to a week.

Has anyone mentioned or thought it hilarious that this really cool project for a family owned kindergarten is being presented to us by a person who goes by the name of "Bloodfart"? Haha, I wish the operator of my school was named something like Snotgasm or Gutsmear... He would have been a neat guy, I'm sure.

I made this name years ago with as my brother, friends, and I all made nasty names for gaming together and making a new moniker at this point would result in me forgetting what to sign in with places :P Though as a business owner I'd likely keep it secret from customers and business partners  ;D


You guys all made some rad stuff. Much cleaner and organized than what I made, plus easier to tile!

Well it is time now to start ordering tiles and telling the workers what to do.

My wife is meeting with the worker's leader but I think that I can delay the tiling a bit if I can convince them to do the main flooring, painting, wallpaper, and trim first.

The palette is the tileset colours that i posted.

Do you want a labeling system for each colour so we can keep accurate count?

I can't guarantee the precise shade of colours but we can approximate closely enough i think.

At the shop i noted all the colours to make sure we werent missing anything important and i'd just label them as <colour> followed by D for dark, L for light, and if a third shade vD for very dark, vL for very light. This is pretty easy for anyone else to apply and likely match up with someone else.

We can mark the colours as follows:

D = Dark   vD = Very Dark
L = light   vL  = Very Light

Yellow D, L

Red D, L


Green vD, D, L


Grey D, L

Purple D, L, vL

Pink D, L

Brown D, L, vL

Blue D, L, vL

Orange D, L
Aqua/greenblue D, L

^Well, bloodfart (I feel fifteen years younger even typing that = = ) is technically a forum member too, even if he only joined for help with this project, so I don't see the harm in him contributing to the art along with whoever else wants to help out. I mean, there are plenty of walls left, hahah. =)

And his sprite art is pretty cute, anyway. Looks like something that belongs in a kindergarten mural, so it fits perfectly.

Thanks for the compliment, though I am a total amateur at pixel art; i've only done it a few times before; mostly in Minecraft more than a year ago.

Another way I'd like to explain my idea for these bathrooms is like a sketchbook. When I did sketches I'd let friends and people I'd meet draw anything they want inside. Without any preplanning the books would end up becoming an interesting collection of random pieces. This is similar to how I envision the walls becoming.

At any rate, I will be pixeling myself for fun and to see what comes out of it. If other people produce better work I will choose the better over my own; though of course I'd like something I made in here.

Here is what i've made so far for bathroom 1 wall 2 (C).

I'm trying to make gamey hills and land framing the characters in the picture. Possibly the frame is too thick though it may turn out better if i can add another character or animal though I can't think of what else could go in.


You're now going to work on a wall design? Which, where?

I did a ton of legwork for this project today. The information you've given is good, but I wanted to better facilitate the creation of artwork for your walls so I refined and clarified the information. It's funny, not only do I have months of tiling (and wood flooring) installation experience but I also spent 2 years at a big architectural firm, full-time. I've dealt with architectural info 10x more complex.


Blood, you need to thoroughly proof it, though. Nobody should use it until you've had time to review everything I've done in the above image and approve it, first. Once you've done that, I suggest putting a big fat link to it in your OP to attract help. Artists here will find it very helpful.

Some things:

1) Can we not get the dims of the doors in question? (Affecting walls B, K & N)

2) Can we get the location of all sinks and toilets? (Only Bathroom 1 has them drawn)

3) How high are your walls, from floor to ceiling? 8 feet high, as is the standard in The States?

I should've answered these earlier.

I will start a design for Classroom 1, bathroom 1, wall 2

your questions:

1) We aren't sure of the doorframes we will be using yet, so can't be sure of how much space they take up on the wall surfaces.

2) The toilets and whatnot in the picture provided are NOT final. I think the designer we hired to make the plans just threw them in for show.

3) From floor to ceiling is supposed to be about 240cm

This is the extent of the plan so far. If anything comes up I will post soon as i can.

I really don't care about keeping any of the palette or adjacent walls consistent. Think of it a bit like graffiti or a collage. I'd really like various works of art randomly thrown around the space, but if anyone has a cool idea to use a large or multiple space feel free.

About the part of the bathroom that is already tiled: I would like to tear it out and do it like the others and i'll argue the case with my wife, but no guarantees. We are both the business owners and have to agree on things to get them done.

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