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Hello All,
I am a solo developer who is looking to move from the engine stages towards a more polished and completed project. What that means from an art perspective, is I can no longer use colored blocks for my upgrades and Megaman X sprites for my placeholder character.

The request falls under two separate parts. Both are willing to be paid jobs. Payment should be discussed with me ahead of time, and done over venmo/paypal.

The first request is a group of icons for the various powerups in the game. These are no bigger than 32x32 and contain things like health up, double jump, magic books, and spooky looking electrical transformers.

The second request is much bigger. I am in need of an artist who can create animations for the main character. The main character has a few different outfits/armors, as well as a few different weapons. I can draw the basic skeleton of the animations out, and provide a decent starting point with my own concept art, but this is a large undertaking.

The specifics(Listed descriptions, concept drawings) will be given to those who wish to complete a job.
Anyone interested in handling one or both of the requests should email me at

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