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Pixel Art / Re: Proportional Help Please
« on: August 05, 2006, 10:13:22 am »

This is how I'd do it. Very sketchy, probably not entirely correct, but should help a little bit...

General Discussion / Re: Post your oldest piece of pixel art.
« on: July 24, 2006, 09:05:12 am »

Older ones were Wees I deleted long time ago...

I actually remade this one because it was bothering me to have something this bad when I knew I could do at least a little bit better... [link]

I reallt don't know what to say about your pieces, they're simply...stunning. The style you've been developing in the last months is quite amazing, I just hope keep posting new pieces regularly ;)

Anyway, I did an edit with the few things that bothered me in this piece, since I'm not very good with words. Mainly, I changed a few things on the legs, around the knees, which felt really odd, and the highlight on the neck. I hope I can make my point clear :)

Pixel Art / Re: portfolio website WIP
« on: June 20, 2006, 06:01:28 pm »
1.     1024 x 768     57.38%
2.    800 x 600    18.23%
3.    1280 x 1024    14.18%
4.    1152 x 864    4.95%
5.    1600 x 1200    1.67%
6.    1280 x 800    1.56%
7.    1600 x 1024    0.55%

so a little under 20% of the people wouldn't be able to view my site properly.  But that 20% probably wouldn't be viewing my site in the first place since most of the art scene folks use higher res's.  I dunno - is that 20% worth shrinking my site?
I say no, personally Im sick of websites having to cater for people with lower resolutions, catering for people with slow connections I understand. but its their decision to use a small resolution that fucks up how some stuff looks
Maybe some of the people who own computers whose screen doesn't reach a high resolution don't have   the fault? I, for example, work with a five years-old iBook whose screen is really small and can only achieve 800x600. If I had the money I would gladly buy a new computer, but, unfortunately, I don't have it and I'm one of the unhappy people whose parents or relatives don't give this sort of thing to. So maybe you shouldn't say that kind of thing again :-\

Anyway, the website works normally with me, I just can't see a few ,unimportant, pixels on the right side. The design is really good and the navigation is fine too. You should really consider that mini-game thing, I would be there all the time :) I look forward to see the finished thing!

Pixel Art / Re: Fantasy Tactics
« on: June 19, 2006, 11:56:40 am »
which of these two do you like better?

I'd choose the left set, mainly because, on the right set, they look like they have makeup or something. Just feels weird to me.

Anyway, all of this is awsome, I wish you good luck for both the projects. I'm just wondering, is there any chance these will run on Mac? That would be really nice :)

Archived Activities / Re: Iso Collaboration III: Return of the Grid
« on: June 16, 2006, 07:03:05 am »

I changed my tile because it looked awful compared to the others...hopefully, it should be better now. I apologise for the trouble I may be causing to whoever is doing 104...

General Discussion / Re: Pixel Artist Interviews (nvision)
« on: June 08, 2006, 07:10:23 pm »
As would you.

Pixel Art / Re: A four armed man crosses paths with a curious wolf.
« on: June 07, 2006, 08:55:52 pm »
I guess desaturatedness isn't so popular.

No, no, no...lack of saturationg is good, until the moment your eyes start hurting when you try to spot the details. But then, my screen sucks and I've been looking at it for a long time, som it might be just that.

And, Helm, I don't see any problem with the composition...I agree with the abnormality of the situation, but i seriously don't see why you should think worse of the piece because of that...

Pixel Art / Re: A four armed man crosses paths with a curious wolf.
« on: June 07, 2006, 08:36:41 pm »

Since I'm not very good with english words, I shall let my editt speak for me. Mainly, I changed the colours and the arms (upper left arm (his right) looks too big, when compared to the others, but I didn't have the courage to change it...), along with some other tiny bits of the picture which bothered me. Adarias said what I would've said, regarding the colours.

[curious fact] Hey look, Helm posted at the same time I did... [/stupid fact]

Challenges & Activities / Re: Palette Workshop Challenge
« on: June 03, 2006, 08:26:31 pm »
Image must be a torso of a wisecracking pirate robot

...and that means?

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