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General Discussion / Resizing an image without it getting distorted
« on: May 28, 2020, 04:03:47 am »
So I'm new here (Hi! :)) , and I'm new to pixel art (as in, this is day one of me trying out pixel art seriously). I do have experience in traditional art, so I'm hoping that will help me somewhat.

Anyway, I made something the wrong size (128 x 128 when I needed it to be 48 x 48. I'm trying to make a profile picture.) I thoroughly searched the internet, and all the resources I found said to go to All Frames > Resample and make sure that Smooth was unchecked (I'm using GraphicsGale). I did that but it just turned my art into pixel soup. Is there anyway I can resize it without it getting messed up? Or should I just start over.

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