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First and foremost I would like to say hello, I am new to these forums and I like what I see. I can learn a lot from all these great artists. To the piece here this is one of my character concepts, named Armageddon. I drew this at school during my web design class, so I used MSpaint. I usually use GraphicsGale. So I would like some critique to improve my pixeling skills. I have seen what this community has done to other peoples works and I wish the same to happen to mine.

Pixel Art / New member here, here's some samples.
« on: January 17, 2007, 05:40:17 am »
Hello, I am Lucien and I have recently been getting back into pixel art. Here is some of my more recent work. Any comments and critiquing is much appreciated. Expect more work from me in the future.

Lava Spire:
This was a test to see if I could draw lava.

Product of Sheer Boredom:
This literally took months to make, as I would just add a little bit to it here and there when I was bored, hence the name. I just started with a square and started to add on around it. My original goal was to make it 1000x1000 pixels, but I got tired of it here. I still think this looks really cool tough.

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