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Pixel Art / Re: Which do you prefer? [C&C]
« on: July 05, 2012, 03:51:04 pm »
I got dragged into this dumb contest anyways, didn't even want to post my stuff here. The only helpful post was the one before the strike lol, which actually showed some contrast value differences - stuff I already knew btw.


You got 'dragged' into this, because you edited my work, and claimed it was a 'correct' edit, but following said edit would go against what I knew, hence this post to clarify

Pixel Art / Re: Which do you prefer? [C&C]
« on: July 05, 2012, 02:35:47 am »
was this a friendly pixel art showoff ? or was this a beef...

It wasn't really beef, but a friend of mine >Zettman< was claiming his base was the most anatomical correct, and that mean was terrible, mine being the one of the right.

Pixel Art / Which do you prefer? [C&C]
« on: July 04, 2012, 06:20:29 pm »
I would simply like to ask you which you prefer, as me and a friend are currently not sure which one is better, and we are likely to be biased as some of its my work, and some of its his work, hence in in-ability to say which is best.

Mine is the last on the right, i.e. the shortest one.
C&C is appreciated, but not required, we simply wish to know which is 'better'


He made a new palette, and apparently it 'must' be seen.

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: Grimoire - Art C&C
« on: June 27, 2012, 03:48:13 pm »
My apologizes for not posting, I have been busy with constructing ideas with my programmer.
I didn't really know what to do to give the body lower rotation, so I attempted a simple animation lol

Although its very faint, its still there lol

Side by side comparison of were I started and were I am now lol

I also decide to experiment with some clothing styles, as well as NPCs, but the NPC is very WIP, simply leaving him here for reference to further progression

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP]WoW Dwarf Guy
« on: June 21, 2012, 12:15:40 pm »
Rather quick edit...with rough lines.

I tend to like a darkened tone in my work, so excuse the beard lol

- Either way if you use a reference, always try your best to capture their expression in your work

Pixel Art / Re: feel the pixel
« on: June 20, 2012, 09:19:19 am »
Looks great, but if it wasn't for the basic side of the piece I would probably not know it was a heart, as the texture you applied to the realistic side looks quite odd ^^..
- Might just be me but it slightly looks as if is melting
Just chucked in a nice reference :P (I wouldn't click it if you are rather faint of heart)

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: Grimoire - Art C&C
« on: June 20, 2012, 02:29:09 am »
So many crits :O

So, I attempted to make the legs 'correct'

That is amazing lol, although I am not doing a realistic style, I can definitely learn from a variety of elements in the edit I will be sure to do so when I update ^_^

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: Grimoire - Art C&C
« on: June 19, 2012, 06:04:33 am »
Another update on the race

- Played with the contrast levels of the skin, as well as shading a few places
- Increased the size of the tail as suggested.
- Have yet to change the head, but I will do so shortly

I really like that edit, I will be sure to incorporate some of the ideas you have presented in my next update lol

@Mr. Fahrenheit
How so, I thought the strutting problem was no longer present as the perspective was fixed/As for the arms ascending past the torso, I presumed that was occurring, care to tell me which frames have said issue?

I have also recently updated the movement lol

If anyone cares to see an in-game screenshot I have linked a image, the image is quite large hence I didn't add it in a format (It is a very experimental and new screenshot lol)

Apologizes for the large post <(^.^)>

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: Grimoire - Art C&C
« on: June 18, 2012, 06:33:56 pm »
His arms are extremely thin in the front and back views.

Lol, well hes not that fat to begin with, I presumed his arms were a good length in comparsion to his body, if I make them any bigger, it looks quite odd, as the arm slightly looks to be the same size as his torso.

- Animation

On a side note returning to the animations as the base's perspective is fixed lol

I do hope he does not look like hes strutting anymore, as for upper body movement, I have failed in my attempt to do so, and ended up with more or less the same thing lol

Any thoughts?

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: Grimoire - Art C&C
« on: June 17, 2012, 10:19:09 pm »
Quote from: Blaze Enigma
Ok, lol I simply used your muscles as a template, hope thats ok.
not at all. although I didn't touch the arm and it needs some work, now it's looking a tad out of place.

agree with ptoing about the back fin, but it's a cool idea, I left it in from  Seiseki's, which I based my edit on. his tail could use a tad more refinement but I doubt you've gotten around to that yet, my suggestion if you are going with a shark theme make the tail forked a bit like a shark's. and offering another idea for the head too tentacles/tendrils  :D

okay well was just gonna do an illustration on what you could do with tentacles, but got carried away :ouch: was gonna leave the arm too but I'm inclined to believe I've developed some form of editing OCD  :lol:
also a suggestion of the background arm

Lol, I really like the edit/if I haven't said it enough I appreciate all the help you guys are giving, be it visually help or simply verbal everything helps ^^

Does the side match the other directions as of now?

- Trying to get the base out of the way, so I can focus on the variety of other things

Yes, I fully agree lol the fin seems looks like some prosthetic attachment if anything, I will be sure to fix that in my newer updates :P

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