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Pixel Art / Re: PLUG IT! (updated)
« on: September 12, 2005, 11:52:41 am »
I like these tipe of images with rare colors etc...

What palette you use for make this pictures ?

I view the process of the image, but i not view how make the picture pixel-by-pixel and i think is interesting.

For example i make various video-tutorials where the people can view me pixel-by-pixel anythings.

The more alrge video-tutorial of robotic dragon:

And if you like it and would view more than this, the web:

How i say before i believe is interesting make a video-tutorial of your piece or another :)

I make this with camtasaia recorder and with the codec TechSmith(properly of camtasia) and after with camtasia transform the avi in flash :) .

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