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General Discussion / Retro games on HD TVs
« on: June 26, 2012, 01:36:30 pm »
I recently played a few old Sega Megadrive games on a large Samsung HD TV and was horrified by the smudgy look of my old classic games!
They're just butchering the pixels and there's no way to turn it off.. Samsung TVs do have a "Game Mode" but turning it on didn't do anything about the smudging.
I can't believe this, but I guess it's a bit better than just using bilinear filtering, since it still looks quite sharp.
But those poor, poor pixels :(

So, one thing which is incredibly popular when it comes to pixel art is.. RPG Tiles and RPG Sprites!
We all see tons of these around here and there's one thing that a lot of people have trouble with.. the 3/4 RPG Perspective..
Yet there is surprisingly little information on this, I've seen some info posted in a few topics here and there, 3D renders, drawings.
But there's no tutorial or resource explaining in detail what the perspective is and images explaining it.

So, I want to gather any details and information that you guys might have (I know you have! ;D) on the subject.
Also, if anyone has any 3D renders or could take their time to render a few examples in 3D, of a person in 3/4 view and a box in 3/4 view, with normal view for comparison.

This is so I can write detailed post with all the info, of course giving credit to everyone. (not doing this to take credit for it, just really badly want someone, anyone to write this tutorial)
And whenever someone has issues with the perspective you can link to the 3/4 view - tutorial/resource thread. Because this happens a lot.

General Discussion / Game engine/2D art scaling (not pixelart)
« on: May 22, 2012, 08:24:43 am »
I'm a bit confused as how games handle none pixel art 2D sprites in regards to scaling.
Working on a game at the moment and I'm worried how we'll handle the scale for lower resolutions.
None of the two programmers I'm working on has any experience in this area so I've tried to do a bit of research.
The coding of the resolution scaling is on hold at the moment while I try to find out the correct way to deal with this.

I'm wondering how I'm supposed to design the art assets, do I make them twice the actual size and have the engine scale them depending on user resolution?
Of course as an artist I'd want everyone to see the art at a 1:1 pixel ratio, but that's not realistic, is it?
Also, knowing pixel art I do know the importance of designing low res graphics in low res and how scaling down a high res texture makes it look very undefined in comparison.

I'm hoping there's someone here with experience in 2D engines and designing art assets for them.
Any tips will be helpful!

edit: I guess this is relevant, but these seem to be about upscaling and not downscaling..

2D & 3D / Pixel art principles in High res graphics?
« on: May 15, 2012, 03:23:10 pm »
I'm trying to design game assets for a game with a "cartoon" theme.
Doing everything with vector shapes since I'm so bad at free hand drawing.
And I've been sorta following pixel art principles for the shading and such by keeping it simple and not using too many colors.
Because, I definitely don't want it too look shiny with gradients and such, since that looks kinda cheap.

Up until now I've just accepted the banding that occurs when you don't rely on gradients or soft brushes.
But I'm starting to think it's unacceptable, because it shouldn't really look like that.

What I'm looking for is a style, almost like this:

(Best example I could find, with the color banding clearly visible.)

But without all that banding.. How do I keep it cartoony and kinda flat?
Round shapes are the ones which are the most problematic.

Pixel Art / Animated Bird sprite
« on: December 08, 2011, 06:57:01 pm »
Don't ask me what kind of bird it is..
All I can tell is that he's well fed :>

So I started working on this a couple of hours ago and now I'm stuck..
I think the left/right sprites turned out ok, but it's still kinda hard to read.
And oh, how I dread the front view animations, I don't even dare to attempt it yet..
Considering how impossible I thought this would be at first, I think I made some progress though. :)
But I'm unsure if and when both wings should be showing, right now it's just one wing.
And due to the perspective it looks like it's attached to the birds belly..

But any tips on how to do this/improvements would be appreciated.
It's possibly the hardest thing I've attempted so far when it come to pixels/animation.

edit: (jiggly pixel fix)

edit2: Here's an attempt to make the tail feathers waggle up and down, not sure if birds do that, not even sure if it looks good..

edit: *mindblown, I just noticed, by accident that flipping the sprite upside down gives me a simple 2 frame wing flapping animation.. woha..

General Discussion / 3/4 Perspective, visual guide or tutorial?
« on: September 30, 2011, 02:53:27 pm »
I've been looking for guides to the 3/4 perspective, oddly enough there's not even a wikipedia article.
I want to find an image showing a 3D model seen from the front and one from a 3/4 perspective.
I tried doing this myself, but I'm not even sure I'm doing it right, is the model supposed to be at an angle which makes it 3/4th the height compared to a front perspective?

What really got me thinking about it, was the old classical 'sleeping while standing up' thing you see in most old RPGs. How would it actually look if a character was lying in a bed in a 3/4 perspective?
I want to get down to the technical details to understand this perspective better.
Especially since a lot of games cheat and used a mixed bag of perspectives when it comes to the terrain and objects.

If anyone has any info, articles, guides or tutorials for this, I'd appreciate it.

General Discussion / Sprite Animation software for Sprite sheets?
« on: July 17, 2011, 12:52:56 am »
So I have a few sprite sheets, but since I'm working in photoshop is too tedious to cut and paste them into layers just to test the animation.
Is there a program where you can import sprites and specify the size of the frames and then just easily select what frames you want to animate?

Pixel Art / [16x16][C&C] House Tileset
« on: July 16, 2011, 07:41:08 pm »
So I'm working on a game, it's still in a very early phase, but I'm doing a few bits and pieces here and there.

I made a few tiles for a house, the grass, walls and flowers are just temporary tiles though. (the wall is just a resized floor tile)
And since I've learned a few things about contrast and sharpness since coming here, I'm gonna go back and re-do the entire tileset.

A few issues I know about this mockup:
Bad bad contrast.
De-saturated, washed out colors.
Perhaps slightly noisy in some parts (cliff side)

I'm gonna re-do it in a more modern and colorful style and I'd love if anyone could point out any larger faults in this current style and some hints for colors and such.

The way I do it when selecting the color for the shading is just pick a color, make it darker, more de-saturated and shift the hue towards blue.
Obviously that's not working out very well :P

Pixel Art / [16px][WIP] Cute Character Templates
« on: July 16, 2011, 02:03:50 am »
So I started working on a template for RPG characters.
They're a bit influenced by the Cave Story sprites.
I just wanted them to look cute and small, obviously they look a bit childish which I exaggerated on with the hair, skirt and such on the female sprite.

At first I felt really frustrated for choosing 16px (it's for a game and I can't change my mind again and go back to 32px :P) because I thought it was really hard to make the hair style.
I think the blond hair turned out pretty ok, but I was going for something else, it's especially hard to make it look like the hair is at an angle, now the bangs are straight but I wanted them to bend downwards.

I'm glad I did this free hand though, I was almost about to look at other sprites because the heads looked really strange at first, but with the shading they started to look decent.
I think I've learned a bit from Pistachio from the other thread (gonna go back and work on my avatar later ;)) Thanks for that, but feel free to point out any mistakes I've made.

I'm also curious as to how I can make the female sprites more feminine, I tried adding a pixel to the sides of the eyes and also adding more slant to the shoulders. I also changed the shading a bit to make the female sprite appear more slim.

Lessons learned(?): Better contrast, fewer colors for sharpness, outlines broken up a bit.

General Discussion / Pixel art in Photoshop, plugins/tips&tricks?
« on: July 10, 2011, 07:03:12 pm »
I can't imagine doing pixel art in any other program, the only downside is not being able to make geometric shapes without anti-aliasing.
So you people out there who also use photoshop, do you have any special tricks or plugins that you use?

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