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Hi all,

I'm looking for an artist to help me bring the demo level I'm developing in Unity to a show-able and testable state.

About me:
Iíve spent the last 1.5 months developing a proof of concept for a 3D turn-based grid-tactics game. Iím about a month away from completing a demo level for initial reception testing, and require several 2-3 frame animations and portraits for 7 different units. Iíll also shortly need some UI elements.

The Project:
As mentioned, the game is a 3D turn-based grid-tactics game, with multiple-sprite units forming the bulk of the armies. Think old Shogun / Medieval Total War, if the battles were smaller (1000 sprites max), had a grid, and were turn based.

The game is still in a speculative state. However, enough of the core mechanics are now in place to script a demo level that showcases the major aspects of gameplay. If this initial phase is successful, then Iíll create a Steam page and be looking to release properly in about a year.


The Role:
This project is still in the initial phase of development. However, if I deem the first phase successful, Iíll be looking to foster a long-term collaboration with an artist over the next year Ė always on an hourly 50%-up-front-50%-on-delivery basis.
Any experience with creating simple UI would also be extremely beneficial.

My Terms:
  • Once you have received a design doc, Iíll need a quote for the deliverables outlined in it. This means something along the lines of ďIíll require X hours for this deliverable, at Y per hourĒ. Iíll request the deliverables Iíd like done, and pay 50% upfront and 50% on delivery.
  • Payment will be made through PayPal.
  • The tool for workflow management is Trello, with tasks updated on a regular basis.
  • Communication both ways must be prompt Ė within at least 24 hours for email correspondence.

If Interested:
Contact me at:

  • Please drop me examples of similar work youíve done, or work that you feel could be easily transposed into this type of game.
  • Any previous long-term experience / references working with other companies would be great, but can be overlooked if the quality of portfolio work is there.
  • Please include a rough quote (time and hourly rate) for a single-sprite Hippogryph unit sprite sheet similar to the one below (this is likely to be the first commission):

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