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I've been reading some Lupin III and had an idea to do some fan art but in 1 bit.
First did a rough draft:

Took some references (I was trying to emulate Monkey Punch's style):

Then went on to pixel it (layers are intact):

It's far from complete but I'd like to hear some critiques anyways.

Also I need help with Jigen's hand pushing against his hat. I keep making it too dense when I try adding thickness to the fingers. Maybe I should make them black? Like using the technique I did for making certain lines of Lupin's coat thick (trying to emulate ink strokes).

This is just random but I've been having fun with palette swaps (No need for critique, just for fun):


Pixel Art / Help with sub pixel animation
« on: April 30, 2021, 07:47:50 am »
Ah, hello all.
I was experimenting  with sub-pixel animation and decide to start with this.

Then I decided to start changing the background and then realized it seemed to pop more with white. It seems to have a much more jerkier (and livelier?) animation.

This kinda blows my mind.

How do I make it smoother with a white background? When doing it with a black background I found I could just focus on the inside color of the balloon and the border. That's how I came up with the in-between color.

I feel like that's the issue, the in-between color. But what do I change it to? In my mind the inside balloon color is pressing into the border (this is represented by the in-between color), then the balloon expands. Do I make the in-between color lighter?

Pixel Art / Abandoned House - Critique Request
« on: August 24, 2020, 05:39:22 pm »
I've learned a decent amount of pixel art and grafx2 while doing this piece.
It's by no means a masterpiece, so I would like some critiques from more experienced pixel artists.

Game Boy palette used:

Edit: Sorry, I meant to post an embedded image but had no idea how to:

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