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Pixel Art / Re: RPG Battle Sprite (with paste-on expressions) [WIP]
« on: November 25, 2008, 02:57:04 pm »
ndchristie: Ah, I see what you mean about the perspective.

Keeping to a firm line of perspective will make it easier to animate and make poses, but as the battle system is turned based, so assumedly that won't be as much of a concern than if it were say, action where constant movement would be a given.  But like you said, a happy medium would be best, I'm redoing her lower body to make it more consistent than her upper body.

Good advice on clothing folds, too, and an informative edit to boot.  I'm referencing it in my redo.  :)

AlexWeldon: That's actually the base of her nose--I was thinking the darker lines would have that effect. I took your advice and used a lighter shade, it looks good that, but it takes away a little definition from her face that I think it needs. I dunno.

Gah, yeah, the folds on the skirt sucks. I've been studying this stuff for the past year and I still can't get the hang of it. Very nice study; I'll be sure to use it.

Right now I'm redrawing the legs from scratch in order to get the "forms" better. Here's a WIP so far.

Is this any better? I tried to address some of the issues. I'm hoping to have a presentable version in the next 48 hours.  :)

Pixel Art / Re: Platform character
« on: November 24, 2008, 10:23:49 am »
It's cute; I like the colors and the shading. The sprite looks pretty stylized, so not much of a need to talk about its anatomy.

I agree that the head in the walking animation needs to be more... animated.  Like Akira said, have its hair move a bit. Maybe change its face a little, too, though since the sprite has small facial features it'd have to be really subtle. :)

Also looking at the sheet the first diving pose looks a little stiff, though I'd have to see it animated to know for sure.

Pixel Art / Re: RPG Battle Sprite (with paste-on expressions) [WIP]
« on: November 24, 2008, 12:41:12 am »
Thanks, Tuna Unleashed.

ndchristie: Hmm, I'm not quite sure what you mean about the perspective problem. Could you elaborate?

Thanks for bringing up the color issue--I messed up when picking a transparent color. Though unfortunately, the skirt always looked like that! Me and clothing folds don't mix, it seems. It's supposed to be wrapped around her waist, but it almost reminds me of a snake's underbelly. I'm hoping someone can help me with that.  ;D

Pixel Art / RPG Battle Sprite (with paste-on expressions) [WIP]
« on: November 23, 2008, 10:55:55 pm »

I've spent three days on-and-off working on this sprite for a game.  I'm not really pleased with it, especially the skirt; it looks like a hot satin-y mess, heh.
The facial expressions... well, I don't know what to make of them.

I'm looking forward to any C+C I can get! Thanks in advance!  ;D

Edit: My progress-- Oldest --> Latest

Pixel Art / Sprite Help
« on: September 02, 2007, 03:07:41 pm »
I just finished making some sprites for a little template game of sorts I'm making.

The first one I just don't like very much... I want her to be two-dimensional, yet at the same time I don't want her to look as "flat" as this.

For the second one, I'm not sure if I want her to be a circle with a face, a sphere with a face, or a floating purple head (that one would require some heavy editing for anatomical correctness--lowering the brow and eyes, etc.).

Also, I wanted to highlight her with shades of yellow as opposed to blue, but I couldn't find a color that looked right. Are there any yellowish shades that go with that shade of purple?

Any help and/or crit will be greatly appreciated.  :)

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP] Sprite
« on: December 28, 2006, 03:36:29 pm »
junkboy: Thank you for the edit. I ended trying to shade the skirt in a different way. I re-structured her a little bit, though it might have cost her that chubby quality you liked. 

Omenith: A little (read: a lot) of contrast was needed, that's true. I tried experimenting with hues and shades some more, and while it still doesn't pop out like it could, it's a little less flat than before. She's gotten a mild tan, lighter highlights in her hair, and I added a dark blue color among other things.

I didn't mean to cover up any problems by using a black background before. :-[

This is still WIP of course, so C+C away!

Pixel Art / [WIP] Sprite
« on: December 27, 2006, 12:10:54 am »

I started on this sprite yesterday. I'm already noticing some problems I didn't notice before due to the black background. There are some anatomy issues, but the palette is especially off; I think the hair is too desaturated, but playing around with different hues just doesn't seem to be working. I definitely need tips on shading, since I'm not sure how to shade the skirt and the light source is erratic.

C+C is always appreciated, of course.

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