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General Discussion / Re: Favourite pixel art tool
« on: February 08, 2013, 11:35:13 pm »
Grafx2 is incredibly efficient to work with once you get used to all of the keybindings.

Or if you just reassign them to whatever you want. I use WASD instead of the arrows.

My vote is for GrafX2 too. I wouldn't even be into pixel-art if it wasn't for that program. I can't stop saying that, sorry.

General Discussion / Re: What makes shooting platformers fun?
« on: February 08, 2013, 11:29:03 pm »
This post is relevant to my interests.

These are some vague questions, so the best I can offer is vague answers.  Not to mention they're going to have some of my own bias included.  ;)

I'll just take this nice list  ;D

-What would add replay value?

Megaman Zero saga: new game+ bonuses
Super Metroid: sheer atmosphere and exploration breadth
where the fuck is the jump ball? I swear I never found it!
Metal Slug: I want to free ALL the POWs so if I lose a life I reset.
Demon Crest: Variety of endings. Metamorphoses of the player character.

Different characters to play the game with. That's awesome.

-How many levels should there be?

Huh. Hard question. I don't know, but please, no "whatever previous level revisited" or at least try to avoid it.

-How difficult should the game be?

Either hard to survive or give the player incentives to try and go for perfect runs.

-What are the good things you've seen in shooting platformers?

Eye candy.
Super Metroid: Again, sheer freedom of exploration. Arcane powerups.
Metroid Fusion: the SA-X
Megaman Zero:  Charismatic enemies. Interesting poweups that change the way you play.
Demon Crest: A lot of bosses and phases seem outright impossible until you manage to figure them out. Arcane powerups. Really manages to keep you "in the dark" about what's next or how do you beat the game, in a good way. Playing a bad guy.
Cave Story: Heart-wrenching drama coated with cute sprites.

-What are the bad things you've seen in shooting platformers?

Super  Metroid: The backtracking. Oh Glob the backtracking and checking every corner in search of that itty bitty breakable block that'll take you somewhere essential.Negative counterpart of exploration.
Megaman Zero: Saves. Lifes. Continues. Scores. Score ratings. GGGAHHHHHHHHHH  :'( And grinding for energy cristals / XP / health. What the fuck is GRINDING doing in a game like this? at least grinding in some castlevania games is moar liek gambling since you're going for a rare drop.
Demon Crest: Arcane game sequences to see all the endings. The negative of being kept in the dark in a good way is, well, just being kept in the dark.

-What would you like to see in the future from this genre?

More compelling stories (cave story) and drama, character development. More and better narrative overall. Meaningful choices in powerups, not just accumulating them (Cave Story has this, so does Gunstar Heroes, but in different ways). Game-long choice of player character among several. Optional / mutually exclusive levels.

General Discussion / Re: Big boobed characters in video games
« on: February 08, 2013, 06:17:25 pm »

Good quagmire you've managed to set up here, earthlings.  ;D

I've read through the entire thread and most of the links. The parodies of absurd female posing are highly amusing, and enlightening too.

Can I get a little on-topic? Or at least try? I think I'll fail miserably.

First and foremost: I consider the over-abundance and over-flaunting of biological airbags stupid. The contortionist poses are also pretty stupid, and most of them don't even look sexy to me. The occasional well-endowed woman is alright (just as in real life) but making all female characters an army of cookie-cutter automotive safety devices is just plain monotonous, shallow and boring (that is, objectionable from an artistic standpoint without even getting into the sexual objectification component...)

An egregious example of stupid airbag designs:
Taki from the Soul Calibur franchise:
Form-fitting overalls? Ok, fine, alright. Independent envelopes for each of the boobs?! What the f*ck?! And how the hell does the suit go INTO HER BELLY BUTTON?! I must assume such an outfit comes with a little vaccuum device to fit it "properly"  :yell:

Drive safely. Drive with Taki.  :blind:

Some mixed examples from manga:

Kiasca from Berserk, by Kentaro Miura:

Kiasca is a very capable badass girl with some scars (none in the face, though). She's the most dangerous mercenary in her troupe besides the protagonist and said troupe's leader. Little to no emphasis is usually placed on her boobs, or other typically feminine qualities, except in some sporadic scenes. Unfortunately, the character is ultimately objectified when she becomes mad and aphasic after a harrowing experience where oceans of blood were shed. In her defense, I have to say that all other characters involved in the event that turned her into an "object" qualify for at least one element of this list, either prior to or as a result of that event:
a) killed
b) maimed
c) demons

Gally/Alita from Gunnm (aka Battle Angel Alita)

I think this character is a particularly interesting example as it shows both objectification and actification of the same female character at different points and levels of the story.
1) She's a complete cyborg. That fits a literal interpretation of the word "objectification", and a close metaphor for the kind of objectification we're talking about here.
2) From the design (this one IS big-boobed, qualifying for "boobs of steel" too, both literally and as the trope) it's clear that it's designed as an "object of desire".
3) she is subject to several very clear objectification attempts by other characters in the plot:
-The first story arc revolves about a cyber-doc rebuilding her from a derelict cyborg torso+head. She starts the story as, literally, an object: a piece of scrap. Then said cyberdoc reactivates "her", and tries to make her into some sort of daughter/wife husbandry hobby project. HE FAILS MISERABLY. Throughout the plot there are a myriad other attempts to objectify her, both by antagonists and "good guys". Some of them fail heroically, some of them succeed horribly, but she is always strong enough to break through the objectification, sooner or later, in one way or another.
4) She is actified to a high degree as she is the main driving force in the story, and what she does is much more important than what or how she is.

I'd go into a detailed analysis of the objectification attempts on the main character in this comic, but the post is already long enough.

Whoops, we were supposed to be talking about vidya gaems rite?

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: [WIP] Action/Adventure Sprites
« on: February 03, 2013, 04:32:25 pm »
Of course dude, but if some sprite is meant to be seen at a fat pixel size, I expect to be shown here like that, if it's shown in 1x1 pixels only I assume that's how it's meant to be displayed.

Since we have a nifty zoom script here, it's always a good idea to post your work at 100% zoom, regardless of how it's being "used" later.

Unless you have the bad luck (like me) that the zoom blurs the pixels  :'(

Pixel Art Feature Chest / Re: [WIP] Action/Adventure Sprites
« on: February 03, 2013, 12:54:50 pm »
Honestly, I was wondering where the hell the idle animation was, before clicking on it two or three times for zoom. I couldn't see it.

Turn it up a notch or five, subtlety is a good ideal, but useless if it flies over the public's heads.

It depends on the scale the game is played at. I doubt it's going to be played at a 1x scale, so it'll probably be a lot more obvious when zoomed in. Games like Metroid had very subtle animations as well and they tend to be well-liked.

Of course dude, but if some sprite is meant to be seen at a fat pixel size, I expect to be shown here like that, if it's shown in 1x1 pixels only I assume that's how it's meant to be displayed.

Pixel Art / Re: Self portrait [WIP]
« on: February 03, 2013, 02:47:50 am »
Okay, here's the edit I told you I made yesterday :3

The big corner in your hair, somehow, I managed to NOT correct it even though it was that particular detail what prompted me to do the edit. At least it's marked with a red circle in the original (to the left) Most of the corrections are technical and hard to notice, but still:

-The way your hair falls on / interfaces with your forehead is too regular. There are several rows of different colors, but exactly the same size, if I'm not mistaken, that's banding.

- your face had an outline of a color that's too light, I can understand that it's an attempt at lighting, but unless you have a really strong light source, it shouldn't be like that (maybe someone more knowledgeable can explain you clearly *why*, I can only tell you *what*)

- Your forearm had some chunky shapes that I refined a bit, and also some banding.

-The wrinkles on your forehead are cool, but I added some intermediate colors at their ends and start to make them less abrupt. (antialias)

-I softened and refined the shape of the ¿sinew? in your neck. You know, that wire that connects muscles. Or maybe it's a muscle. I don't know, I'm no anatomist.

-Apparently I put a white pixel by mistake in one of your brows. My bad!  :-[

General advice:

1 - Use a indexed color format (256 colors tops) that'll give you better control over the palette you're using, and will teach you to think in discrete colors, which in turn will teach you to MAKE the colors you want (kinda like mixing colors with traditional paint, but totally different at the same time)

2 - I don't know what program you made this with, but it must be made in shotofop or something similar because it's in some color format other than indexed/256. I personally recommend GrafX2, it's free, it's widely used in the forum AFAIK, and now it even boasts animation support. It's quicker and less cumbersome that other graphic editors (of the "big", general purpose, virtual paints or photo editing kinds), weighs a lot less, and has a lot of functionalities *especially tailored* towards pixel art.

No, they don't pay me any amount of money, but FIRST I knew about GrafX2, some eight years ago (back in the day when it was MS-DOS only!) and THEN, after using it, learned what this "pixel art" weird artistic discipline was.

3 - You need to reduce color count: you use several different colors that read same-y to the naked eye.

4 - The t-shirt is a total chaos I daren't touch :D sorry.

Besides all that, you seem to have a fair grasp on representing the human form, AND realistic shapes, and you look pretty permeable to useful outside information, so just keep at it, try to understand the already discovered techniques and learn from other artists. If you are intent on improving, I'm sure we'll see more and better pieces from you and you will develop your own style (or even styles in plural!)

Getting any knowledge about art in general is also very helpful, even if sometimes more indirectly. I do find that hard to do myself, but I still know it's a good idea: Any knowledge you manage to gather on anatomy, composition, color theory, or whatever, WILL eventually pay out. You might come up with good stuff by yourself anyways, but *knowing more* always helps, never hinders.

Pretty impressive. Could you add a first step where explain how you built the basic volume?

I think I can see it, but it seems like an integral part.

It'd also be cool to see a "companion" on how you developed the characters and another
one on mechanical parts  ;D

Hi guys!  ::)

Sorry for the double post, but I'll just keep stuffing this thread with new material until someone willing
to give some advice or crit shows up. Or even notices the thread, since it's months old!

The robot has arms now! Stretched forward, zombie style. It's a zombie robot.

And here is the spritesheet:

I'm quite satisfied with the traction the legs have (even if the lighting in the legs is pretty haphazard), but
the arms... I think the foreground arm is one pixel too low in a couple of frames (when both arms are at their
lowest point)

Pixel Art / Re: Gowe final attack (updated with other wips)
« on: January 31, 2013, 02:36:49 pm »
Pretty final. Moved all her heads back one pixel so she didn't look so dopey.

It shows. Also, that little strip of jacket in the shadow looks better now :3

Should I post screenshots on the video composited footage? I've been working on this for like... 6 months omg.


edit: added lacking quote tags

Pixel Art / Re: Avatar Edit :D
« on: January 31, 2013, 01:10:41 pm »
Hey! The eyes are looking better than the one in the other post.

But! The hood is too thin and straight around your neck, it should be thicker and wobblier I think.

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