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Hey Pixelation Comm,

I wanted to discuss a possible new FAQ thread which should be a helpful ressource for people who post job offers here and people who take up jobs here on the board.

There have been quite some things happening (like unclarity on how to handle business, scams, single line answers in the job threads with "e-mail sent", how much work should cost etc.) in the last year(s) and therefore I think it's good to come up with a ramblethread everyone might participate in order to prevent those things.

The goal of this thread would be to gather a lot of ideas for stuff which might be useful knowledge as base for this new FAQ, make the whole job offering forum a better place and go ith the time.

The final FAQ should be short, easy to read, on spot but contain the most crucial and useful information for getting business done in a clean way.
SO Even common knowledge would be fine for something like this.
 Your posts can include your own questions, thoughts you have if you look at a job offer, steps you take for safe business, and which new "rule-reforms" you would love to see introduced in order to make the place better for everyone here.

Our Current Rules:

Our Best Discussion so far:

And that thread everybody knows of:

I'd suggest that people who post job offers should:
-make clear if it's a paid job or a free job offer
-people should post who they are
-about what kind of project they are working on
-which role the artist would take (concept, execution, planning or whatever)
-giving a very rough impression of the overall workload they have for the artist (whole game, just some assets .. whatever)

for general business i'd suggest
-do a quick google search for their client/artist
-set up a valid contract
-set deadlines for communication and/or the work completion

for artists:
they should know about what amount of money they can take for their services
should know their rights / copyrights etc.

Hopefully this gives a rough impression of the stuff we should discuss.
It would be great if we could flesh out some new ideas together.

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General Discussion / Creating Pixel-Art Fonts (or Fontfiles)
« on: February 26, 2015, 12:25:48 am »
Hey Guys,

I Just wanted to ask a few questions, since I have no experience with creating a pixel art font out of an existing set of letters.

So far I always put the typography down on my own, however in a game environment and/or the graphics program it would be pretty cool to use the fonts I created earlier as files, so that I actually can write with them like with any other font.

My problem is now that TTF files seem to be restricted to a single color (black) - which makes this file format useless for shaded or hand-AA'd font-types.

So is there another file type you can use to set pixel perfect sized and colored letters via keyboard?

Pixel Art / MOVED: Ninja Game Prototype
« on: February 24, 2015, 10:41:13 am »

Pixel Art / 4th iteration
« on: January 06, 2015, 10:28:27 am »
Well I have had enough with the quick experiments.
THanks for all the crits and comments so far. Looking through all edits and everything and having all the choices makes decision-making a lot easier.
I did a wrap-up version now, with pretty less experimenting compared to what was already there.
I tried to convey even more of the strengths, went this time like with the first sprite from my personal preferences, also keeping it perfectly usable for the chatterbox scene.

Nonetheless I tried to keet the same approach for animation like with the third iteration (no outline, bigger clusters).

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