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Devlogs & Projects / SpookyGhost - a procedural sprite animation tool
« on: January 31, 2020, 01:50:20 am »
Hi everyone!

I'm the developer of SpookyGhost, a procedural animation tool for sprites.

With it you will be able to move, rotate, scale, and deform your sprites and then save the animation as single frames or a big spritesheet.

  • Parent-child relations between sprites for advanced transformations
  • You can create animation groups and play them in parallel or sequentially
  • Unlimited canvas size with custom background color
  • Tuneable shift, scale and speed for animations
  • Multiple easing curves and loop modes
  • Export frames as single images or as a spritesheet
  • Use the mouse to select a rectangular region of a texture for your sprite
  • Use the mouse to set the anchor point for grid deformation animations
  • Native version for Windows and macOS
  • Coded in C++ for maximum performance and efficient memory use
Have a look at this video on YouTube for an example of what it can do.

At the moment I'm gathering feedback from users to make it better and as a result the demo has no limitations.
You can find it here:

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