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Devlogs & Projects / Re: SpookyGhost - a procedural sprite animation tool
« on: October 28, 2021, 11:07:49 pm »

On I have recently uploaded a new release of SpookyGhost, my free and open-source procedural animation tool for 2D sprites.

Some of the new features are:
  • sprite groups with color tags
  • custom spritesheet export layout
  • additional flexibility when dealing with textures
  • global animation speed multiplier

You can read more about it here: SpookyGhost r66: sprite groups and more.

SpookyGhost is now free and open source!

Starting now there is no more a demo version and the source code is released on GitHub under the MIT license.

You can use it for your commercial projects and never have to pay anything.

I have also added many new features and fixed some bugs. Have a look at the latest devlog for more information.

Join the Discord server to chat with other members of the community.

Hi fellow artists, SpookyGhost has now an Android version!

Yes, thatís right, you can install the tool on your phone or tablet and enjoy it on the bus, on the train, on the plane or wherever you like.
What is even better is that there is no demo version: you can download and install the APK on your device and have access to the full version for free! :o

Donít forget to grant the external storage permission before starting the app for the first time.
I suggest connecting a mouse and a keyboard if you want to use it as you would on your desktop machine. ;)

Desktop versions

The remaining versions were updated as well, with a bunch of fixes accumulated during those last months.
  • The configuration window has now an option to change the GUI scaling coefficient. It should come in handy on super high resolution displays or on small Android devices.
  • When you create a new animation the current selected sprite gets automatically assigned.
  • Removing a sprite or a texture should not crash the application if an animation using that sprite or texture is currently selected.

No new features at this time, but stay tuned for the next updates!


Hi everyone, I have just uploaded a new version of SpookyGhost that brings a redesigned interface.
It should be now a lot easier to add, remove or manipulate assets like textures, sprites and animations.

It is now also possible to load and save project files so that you can resume working at a later time. :)
I have also included some example projects to show you some of the features you can use and the results you can achieve.

You can now open the documentation a lot more easily by pressing F1 or by selecting its entry in the Help menu.

Enjoy this update and don't hesitate to share your creations! ;)

Devlogs & Projects / Re: SpookyGhost - a procedural sprite animation tool
« on: February 11, 2020, 02:16:07 am »

A laundry animation made with SpookyGhost. ;)

Devlogs & Projects / SpookyGhost - a procedural sprite animation tool
« on: January 31, 2020, 01:50:20 am »
Hi everyone!

I'm the developer of SpookyGhost, a procedural animation tool for sprites.

With it you will be able to move, rotate, scale, and deform your sprites and then save the animation as single frames or a big spritesheet.

  • Parent-child relations between sprites for advanced transformations
  • You can create animation groups and play them in parallel or sequentially
  • Unlimited canvas size with custom background color
  • Tuneable shift, scale and speed for animations
  • Multiple easing curves and loop modes
  • Export frames as single images or as a spritesheet
  • Use the mouse to select a rectangular region of a texture for your sprite
  • Use the mouse to set the anchor point for grid deformation animations
  • Native version for Windows and macOS
  • Coded in C++ for maximum performance and efficient memory use
Have a look at this video on YouTube for an example of what it can do.

At the moment I'm gathering feedback from users to make it better and as a result the demo has no limitations.
You can find it here:

Devlogs & Projects / Re: 2d Development Frameworks/suits/engines
« on: January 31, 2020, 01:37:30 am »
For all my prototypes and experiments I use nCine, my 2D multi-platform engine and framework.
It supports Linux, Windows, macOS, Android and Emscripten and it can optionally use Lua for scripting.
It's written in C++ and after some years of developing it seems pretty capable and quite fast when dealing with sprites.  ;)

Have a look at this web test for an example.

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