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Pixel Art / Chibby "me" with a guitar
« on: November 21, 2005, 04:28:06 am »
this is me in a chibby version with a guitar. I did it after making a drawing for a friend of mine, in which I was singing her some songs. I totaly forgot I had this on my computer, and allready in an advanced stage. so I finished it!

hope you like it!

 hum, on a second look, I look like I got an evil eye... gotta check that!

take care,


Pixel Art / New Background - Subway hall
« on: November 10, 2005, 06:07:19 pm »
Hey everyone,

so, I got fed up with the old background. and I decided I should try another indoor, before going outdoor.

so... here it is... in steps!

this is all the prespective work. hardly any color and manly defininf the space. I'm going to use spherical prespective, but I dont use it right now, i still find it confusing. I do "bend" shapes latter on. right now I dont wanna be distracted by that.

this is just adding the first set of colors and trying to see where I'm going to put the light sources.

getting rid of all the original black spaces. you can see I'm focusing on the right side of the image. I'll change that.

added reflections on the ground an floor lights. this balances a bit the eye but not the color. theres much more color interest on the right side than on the left.

so I added some sort of decoration or publicitie and the light signs.

its not finished of course. I still have alot to do to it!

tell me what you think.

take care,

Kazuya Mochu

Pixel Art / Space ship for a Tutorial
« on: November 03, 2005, 03:57:01 pm »
Hey, I'm a administrator of the portuguese gamedev forum, and I made a video tutorial.

where's the result.
I'm thinking of narrating it in english to publish it for the non-portuguese people.

heres what the tutorial ended with

tell me what you think

take care,

Kazuya Mochu

Pixel Art / Fighting Game Background
« on: September 16, 2005, 08:47:47 pm »
Hey everybody. it's been ages since I've pixeled. so I got my self build up to make a Fighting Game Background  Style Image. So, I here are the 3 first steps, not counting the drawing and the line tracing.

so, here they are. I wanna do some sort of Cuban like Street and the sun set, so I can use alot of light and shadow.

take care,

Kazuya Mochu

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