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Pixel Art / Re: Some more practise.
« on: July 22, 2011, 09:16:51 pm »
Well you have a unique style with that avatar, seen your threat of it and i really dig your tileset, doing my own based on that actually :D.

Anyway I went in and did a quick edit, better?

Toned down the deco a little and pushed the greys some more towards teal.

Pixel Art / Some more practise.
« on: July 22, 2011, 08:48:18 pm »
This one took me a couple of hours (lol), but i'm pretty satisfied. I did use some reference of a sprite of the same size. I'm looking for some critique so i can go on with the other sides.

This is the ref i used, i hope it's not too similar. It is from RPG maker, i don't know the exact artist, sorry.

General Discussion / Re: Cost, time, etc for some pixel art?
« on: July 22, 2011, 05:56:15 am »
I'm not sure what you mean but a linear Jrpg isn't that hard to do. It has nothing to do with mmorpg or Wrpg's. I believe breath of dead VII was made by 2 persons and if i could pull something like that off i could afford $20K of pixel art.

General Discussion / Re: Cost, time, etc for some pixel art?
« on: July 21, 2011, 07:27:10 pm »
Well that is a little over my budget unless i am sure the game can bring in at least half on the indie market. So i have to think of other ways like making a big chunk of the game with place holders and try to get people to work with me and split the profit in a certain way. But that is going to bring in lots of stuff i'm unfamiliar (and a bit scared of) like contract deals, invested effort, thrust, consistent style (if more then 1 artist). Are these kinda deals usual amongst this board? Are there more options to go about except making the sprites myself, i'm still practising but it would take me years to get what i want and still not being satisfied with the look :D

btw, i'm not necessary looking for awesome sprites, the game just needs to look decent and consistent.

General Discussion / Cost, time, etc for some pixel art?
« on: July 21, 2011, 04:51:00 pm »

I am totally in the dark about the salary of a decent pixel artist. I'd like to start on a bigger programming project, i would love to make a Jrpg game, but lack the ability to make appealing characters and mobs for it. I havent start working out exactly what i would need but i'd like to see what price range i'm up against. So here is a list of what i would need at the least.

4 main characters, about 32 * 48 with movement and some basic emotion animations consisting of 3 frames each.
4 portraits of these characters 128*128.
50 unique mobs and for each mobster i would need a couple (2 to 4) different color variants. Size ranges from 96*96 to 256*256 but most being around 128*128.
10 bosses 256*256

Like i said i'm clueless at how much time these things take to make and the budget i would have to put up against it if i set my sights on a cool indie Jrpg.

Forgot to add that there are no palette restrictions as this will be developed with XNA for PC, xbox and maybe win phone too.

2D & 3D / Re: My isometric tiles c+c plz
« on: May 13, 2011, 06:53:23 pm »
No, it's my ultra futuristic sci-fi hud of DOOOOM!....

Like i said will eventually be replaced by something looking like this:

2D & 3D / Re: My isometric tiles c+c plz
« on: May 11, 2011, 11:07:00 am »
I started on the actual game. I have made a "temporary" gui, it's temporary because it's way too futuristic but it will function for now. What i eventually want is the look of fallout's pip boy but that would have taken way too much time and i'm too eager on actually start coding my game. I'm also still debating about all the buttons, in the picture not all buttons show, i need at least 26 buttons and a couple of gauges for life, movement points, etc. But i think i will move some buttons out of the gui/hud eventually and make a drop down when the character is being clicked for character specific buttons like walk, run, crouch.

So this is the game program that loaded the map i created in the editor. I will be testing path finding here, (dirt = 4mp, white is 20mp, grey is unwalkable) the character should always walk the lowest movement cost route. So i better start programming :D.

Made a quick character too, don't laugh :D, will eventually replace is with shooting still frames from a 3D model.

2D & 3D / Re: My isometric tiles c+c plz
« on: May 10, 2011, 08:13:14 pm »
Hey Martyr,
I have started on my first "real" game with XNA. After doing various tutorials and fiddling around myself with some code i'm pretty confident i can make my own, slightly complicated game. It will be a turn based / squad based strategy game like x-com, fallout and jagged alliance. The game will mostly resembles jagged alliance since it's going to involve mercenaries. And i'm planning to add a global view like the geoscape in X-com where you have to manage things like finances, contracts, arms, bases etc.

Currently i only have the editor partly finished. I also need to add functionality for a blend layer for plants, path edges, etc. And a object layer with objects like tree's, tables, posters, etc. The latter will also involve interaction for the player, like guns he can pick up or a switch to open a door. The editor does export everything already very cleverly to XML.

I have some experience with art but it's not my strong point, the biggest problem will be the characters because i'm going to need lots of them. I'm probably going to use a base 3D model for that and alter it for each or most characters.

The main reason i'm making this game is learning experience, i do not plan to sell it but if it's going to be the game i have in mind i might ask a view bucks for it eventually.

It would be great if you are willing to help me out with some tiles, but the style must be consistent throughout the game. This is what i use as a reference:

2D & 3D / Re: My isometric tiles c+c plz
« on: May 10, 2011, 10:04:05 am »
k, how do i get this moved to the low spec section? I tried to report my post but that didn't work, can i PM a moderator about this?

Btw, i did not skew it, i painted directly on my template.

I reworked the wooden wall to try to make each board stand out a little more. I also made a frame around the window.

Is there a way to use pixel art and get the same kind of style i'm going for? I have seen some really good pixel art pieces here that look pretty realistic, but i guess thats very hard and takes very long. I need atleast 50 walls and even more floors so i like to cut a little on time. But if anyone want to have a go at it with i post my templates. The blue on top is the illusion how thick the wall is and will be overlapped if another floor/wall is on top of it. The green edge on the right only shows at a bottom corner, otherwise there is a 1 pixel seam in the wall. The left wall and right wall should overlap each other in the middle by 1 pixel.

iguess the floor speaks for itself.

2D & 3D / Re: My isometric tiles c+c plz
« on: May 10, 2011, 09:16:26 am »
Do you render out textured geometry or simply paint the wall from scratch?

I paint it all from scratch, i made a template with the edges of the walls and floor on it.

We have a place for this kind of stuff:

Hmmm isn't that more of a 3D section? In this section i see a lot of 32*32 and lower spriting here in this section, my floor is 64*32 so it's not really lower spec then what i see in the normal pixel art section. Or is it a section for more realistic kind of art, still i'm doing isometric which has a lot to do with pixel art, but i'm looking for a more realistic style.

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