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Pixel Art Feature Chest / GR#047 - Citadel - 3 Point Perspective
« on: March 05, 2011, 01:32:38 am »
Well I started drawing and ended up with the following. As I moved along I decided it was going to be the tall walls of Troy, totally untoughed, with a fire's glow inside at dawn. I know the colours don't exactly scream dawn, and might not fit with the theme at the moment, but right now I'm more trying to put together a style for the piece. As for the wall that actually has bricks as of now, it's soupposed to look ancient and semi-crude but magnificent (therefore huge bricks) and very advanced for its time, like I've always imagined Troy. Not sure if I pulled it off or if it just looks like an inconsistant and crude piece of (future) art. Now every time I try to add definition to this wall its ends up looking like a wall of bulging stones than masonry. Should I add more definition or attach a simplistic palette and style to this one? Possibly more contrast? I have artist's block  :(

Please also point out any mess ups in it. And now I realize I should have been doing it on a neutral BG... next version it will be

PS. Wasn't sure if I should post a new topic, what with my old one still being on the first page, and me not quite happy with it, but this is a new piece, so... you tell me...?

Pixel Art / Introductions and Mafia Boss Portrait from old challenge
« on: March 03, 2011, 11:28:01 pm »
Hello Pixelation, guess I'll stat with an introduction. For a long time I've been nothing more than a silent shadow around the pixel art scene: admiring from afar, so to speak. Now I've decided to get back on the internet, despite living in an area a few miles out of town that has no high speed... I have a mobile connect stick and 500mb on my Android - so I'll probably be very erratic in my activity. Basically, I'm not using my old acounts for anything anymore - too much spam tied up to the old email, amongst oher reasons. Not that I don't have a hugely full inbox now, but that's only because I check it probably once a month and usually only the first few...
Anyway, the next order of business is an introductory piece of art, based on the restrictions of the old palette challenge I found. Looking at the results these pallettes were producing I decided to make one - but it's a dead topic so I'm posting here instead. Hope I made my own style instead of sucking up influences to create a Frankenstein mish-mash (like my computer)...

I'll call him Giovani Romani, because everyone else named theirs'. C+C greatly encouraged.

Also, one last thing... anyone know a good, free program to edit pixels on Android phones ??? .Pic's free version gave just a few colours, ugly, too-saturated colours that I think I last saw on NES. And no colour picker... because I can't shop online right now, and Google doesn't tie in the Marketplace with my Bell account.

Just realized I said the colours were ugly. Let me rephrase: They're limited and ugly for MOST purposes.

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