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Pixel Art / Re: Pirate animation
« on: February 03, 2011, 10:36:52 pm »
Nice little character tho there are some major flaws in your animation:

  • The far arm and leg move in unison, when they should be opposite, as in when far leg is forward far arm is back
  • At the passing position (which should be 3 and 6, but looks like 3 and 7 in your animation) when one leg is straight down onto the ground the torso should lift, this should traditionally be highest point of the walk/run. In your version it looks like the length of his legs change.
  • you seem to not have done proper keyframes and many parts look animated on the go, which usually (unless you are VERY good) yields sloppy results. I am sure you have seen this before but I shall repost it as it might be helpful (I should actually revise it at some point as it could be better)
  • Your first frame is him up in the air, where it should probably be his heel touching the ground, and so on.
  • Usually run/walk cycles should be even framed, same amount of frames per step, but in the case of having a peg leg or someone with a limp it can look nice if you make the step with the pegleg 1 or 2 frames longer, given you manage to show the added weight and all that. Here is a little pirate walk with 7 instead of 6 frames I made for Dr. Dobbs Challenge 2.
  • Lastly the hand holding the tablet not moving at all does look really unconvincing, it would be funnier and look a lot more natural if the hand with the item would sway around in some circular or figure of eight motion.

I hope this all helps, if you have specific questions about some stuff, just ask  :y:
You give great insights Karma.

The background in the castle tileset might be a tad too light.
Strongly disagree.

Playing a game there has to be a satisfying "Oh I just beat your ass down with my button mashing" feeling to the attack, and these feel like pressing the weak attack button in Street Fighter II.  Style-wise for some it may work, but a bigger, beefier attack would be nice.  Still, I like the animation a lot.

+1. He needs to put more body-weight into the swing; lean back then throw his upper body forward and let the swing follow right after. The running looks a bit weird too, he should lean forward more.

Love the colors and bg  :D
Use a prime number of frames for the run cycle and boost the in between frames a bit more please. Everyone loves a lush run cycle. If anything, bring out the life of the character through the weight of his step or the soft wave of that fox like tail. You can do this! Prime numbers my friend animate with prime number frames. They boost the max number of non repeating frames.

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