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Well, I guess I'll take it then.
Shouldn't you leave offered tiles to people who haven't contributed one yet?

Excuse me? I passed on tile 12, and Ceddo took it. I don't have any obligation towards you. You lucked out this time, so enjoy your tile. But next time try asking nicely instead of acting like people owe you anything.

Well, I guess I'll take it then.

General Discussion / Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HELM!!!!
« on: May 05, 2008, 01:17:22 am »

Helm doesn't need a haircut! Just a flat iron and some volumizing cream...

I'm not really on board with screwing with the geometry. It looks kind of sloppy, I'm sorry. Tile 48 should not be fusing into tile 35, since they clearly belong to separate planes. Anyone care to make an edit?

Eh, I'll pass and give someone who hasn't had a chance to participate at all to join. *cough*.takaMreplyquickly*cough*

I totally second the motion to extend the grid. :D

I took the liberty to submit this topic to Digg it if you wanna make the news! :D

I might warn people if there is no movement on this for quite some time and perhaps free tiles in that case.

I'm kind of hoping someone will give up, I want another tile!  :P

I... I think I'm done! The snake tail became another strawberry, and the volcano now erupts delicious jam :3
Ptoing, can you check if my palette is correct?  *curses Pixen*

On a sidenote, Pixen is really screwing up with my palette. I don't know what do to to fix it.... I miss GraphicsGale :(

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