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Is this any help?
not really. thats a other topic which covers kinda the same area but not exactly.
someone made a video in german
which  covers and solve the issue but before he did it i moved away from unity and i give GameMaker Studio2 a try. No need to watch a 24 minute video for simple stuff like pixel snapping to Allign objects witch each other..its just works there with the help of the grid system. Unity and Pixel Art seems to be kinda, possible but its tedious from what i read. I sat there days just to solve how to place two pixel graphic images (gun and the body) pixelperfect with each other while it was a thing of seconds in gms2 like in any simple graphic programm. due to that early frustating situation i switched.

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP][Feedback] Submarine interior - Base
« on: July 28, 2019, 07:03:59 pm »
i think its a improvement even tho i wouldnt be so shy on highlighting the active areas.
whats supposed to happen afterwards? do new windows pop up which overlay the graphics?
another way to highlight the area would be to use the ui as a visual guide i made again a quick thing to show what i mean.each line would be active only when you activate the area. you could let it fade in or build up like its "walking" the path pixel by pixel to the station.

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP][Feedback] Submarine interior - Base
« on: July 28, 2019, 10:16:31 am »
quick mokup, worked on the contrast a bit and changed some colors. made it  more blueish since you are underwater and highlighted the specific areas which you pick

mission area highlighted

workshop highlighted

overall mood/contrast comparison

General Discussion / Re: Site for "WIP" images
« on: July 24, 2019, 12:20:39 pm »
i use stash for this kind of stuff.
its part of

its free, you get 2 GB Space which is more then enough.
only downside "recently" is that they seem to have changed server which makes the urls to images very long but thats more a nuisance then a real issue.

there is no build in zoom feature but this forum has one which works with the images...

General Discussion / Re: Unity & 2d Pixel Art | Workflow Q&A Thread
« on: July 19, 2019, 10:34:54 am »
Since i am working on a Test Project to learn all that Stuff here the first issue i stepped into. i of course  try to solve them by myself and post the answers when i managed to find them but feel free to post some feedback when you know already how it works.

- How do you Alling Artworks/Animation Container ect. Pixel Perfect to each other?

As a example, i have two "Container" with Pixelart. One with the Idle Animation and one with the Gun Animation.
I want to get both Together to Allign Pixelperfect with each other but doing that by hand with the markers seems very inaccurate. is there any way like in photoshop/ect that when i move it up/down it does it for exactly one pixel?

how it should end up as reference

General Discussion / Unity & 2d Pixel Art | Workflow Q&A Thread
« on: July 19, 2019, 10:27:07 am »
I start out with Unity and 2D Pixel Art Implementation for Games and due that i will have a bunch of  questions about that
topic on the road of learning it and instead to create several topics i would like to use this one and collect the questions/answers
which pops up over time in this Startpost so that everyone else who is struggling might find the answers he needs in this thread.

 Just to be clear, i will not be the one who is able to anwer the Qestions...maybe over time when i learned that stuff but for now
 this thread rely´s on help from the people of this community who are already into that kind of stuff. With that said, feel free to
 ask here questions about that Topic too, maybe someone can help you.

● Q&A Section WIP


i think i will open then a thread in the general section. thx for the infos.

The captcha should go away, I can't remember the last time I saw one.

If the only change is the position of the gun sprite, then you might as well use one sprite and just change the gun anchor in the character's animation, so that the gun moves with them. That also would make it easier to have multiple guns or multiple characters who might hold the gun, since you wouldn't have to animate all their bobs :D
good to know, hope its just a time limited thing and not bound to the amount of posts.
i will try that then. sheet to test that stuff out is done so i will give it tomorrow a try in unity and see if i can fit all together.

I love the character!
The landing looks a little soft though. I'd expect more impact for something that looks that heavy. It seems like it's gently easing into place when it hits the ground.
Either play the landing frames much more quickly than they are right now, or remove a few. Also an exaggerated bounce of the central section on landing would help convey the feeling of weight and inertia.
Unfortunately the original you posted looks like it's blown up in size, so I can't make an edit. For future reference, if you post artwork at the original 1-to-1 pixel ratio then we can click on the image to expand it to taste.
nice, didnt know this forum has this kind of feature. updated the startpost with the original sized ones.
the whole animation frames are not set in stone which is why i didnt worked them out and let em rough. its for now more or less a placeholder to have something  for unity to work with, but feel free to give it a go. just because i am not done doesnt mean i take no feedback on that part. i dont wanted to lose myself in details before i managed to learn the whole working process and solve the issues which occurs on that road. my initial question as a example was one of them and there will be for sure more to come.

when the whole basic unity stuff is set i will focus then more on fleshing the pixel art part out and i will most likely come here and ask for feedback again for certain things. btw, since this is a pixel art forum and not a unity you know any good place where i can get some help on that part /unity workflow for sprite based games/ when issues pop up or do you guys are into it so that i can ask here?

If you want the guns to move independently from the rest of the sprite, then I recommend separating them onto a different layer and animating the "firing" animation (like recoil or rotating the guns) separately from the jump. When you implement the sprites into the game, just parent the motion of the guns to the body so they move together as though they're connected. Bullets, projectiles, or particle effects should be their own sprites as well so their frames and motion don't have to depend on anything else.
makes sense, thx for the tip!
i knew about the separate projectile stuff but i was not so sure with how to handle chars.
this example from metalslug which i digged up today shows what you mean. the legs for the jump and walk are separate from the upper body parts to do what i want to do.

i guess things like the little idle animation up and down of the guns can be then made in unity ect. by changing the height of the separate "container" or do i need there separate pixel frames too with different heights?

ps: does the reply captcha thing goes away after a period of time being a user here? kinda...annoying...

I want to get into Pixel Art&Animation for Gaming in Combination with Learning Unity so i am new with all that Stuff.

The Question i have right now is about how do you handle/structure a Instance Animation which happens during a already Triggered Animation. For example the Robot below. Lets say i triggered the Jump and the Animation happens but during the Jump i fire the Weapons which should get animated too (currently no example). How exaclty do i have to structure that to have a gun fire Animation when i want to shoot while being in all these different Char Animation States?

Update - Original Size Version and Sheet

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