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General Discussion / Re: Hi!
« on: August 24, 2005, 12:59:32 am »
Hi Asenath! Welcome back!  :D

General Discussion / Re: Official Pixelopolis Off Topic Thread
« on: August 23, 2005, 05:01:31 pm »
It's a nice running: we don't have a dozen people running with even less distinguishable platforms. Mysterious candidate X hasn't shown up or anything, so things are at least predictable for some people in that sense.

No! Not the mysterious candidate X!!!

General Discussion / Re: Official Pixelopolis Off Topic Thread
« on: August 20, 2005, 07:53:34 pm »
        +        \ '':,
        /|_,,--'"  )   )
       / |'-,     d ,:'
----     |   '-, / |      --------''''''
\ o o   -   -   -   -__---'''''

yay ascii art...

General Discussion / Pixelation IRC Channel
« on: August 19, 2005, 07:56:58 pm »
Hey everyone... wanted to let you know of a new, official Pixelation IRC Channel... something that we've been meaning to get together forever, though thankfully, that void has been filled by an unofficial one for the last couple years (and they've done a great job of it). We aren't trying to replace that one, simply try to provide more venues for people to get critique, information, a great night on the town, or just idle (if that's your preference).

It is located at: #pixelation The other IRC chat is still located at: #pixelation and we of course don't discourage it's use. We're simply trying to create a comprehensive pixel art network, and this is a step further to that goal.

Enjoy all!

General Discussion / Re: "Sigma Star Saga" is out August 16th
« on: August 19, 2005, 02:13:39 am »
I can't help but mention that he didn't once criticize the art (and, in fact, praised it), and therefore has no bone to pick with anyone at Pixelation.

He was blunt, but certainly not out-of-line on a forum that focuses on the art, and not the code/gameplay of it. There are plenty of other places for this.

Plus, even if he did openly criticize the art, as long as he gave reasons for it, it's all fine by me.

Why is everyone being so touchy?

Pixel Art / Re: I hear pirates wear stripes.
« on: August 17, 2005, 02:56:21 pm »
Well, let's do the best thing we can for t3h c0mmuni7y and give a nice big c&c, eh?

First thing's first, I love your color selection. It's soft, slightly pastel, and suits the big piratey man perfectly.

Now, on his head, the top of it where his do-rag or whatever it's called is. The sides are beautiful. The pulls on the fabric and lighting there is superb. It came out fantastic. But then it just stops for the front! The wonderful depth and texture you brought on the sides leaves the flatness and dullness of the front of his forehead there sticking out even more. I suggest you go the extra mile up there and finish it off.

The eyepatch isn't bad, but the darkness of the shadowing should be all around the very edge of the thing, for maybe a pixel or two, being least in the top right and thicker as it approaches the rest of the shadow. You may want to do a fold, like on the bandanna, through the middle of it as well... it's leather, after all, and does fold (and is likely to). I think the band that holds it should be a pixel thicker or so.

Speaking of his eyes... for basic proportioining, you should move his eyes down like 12 pixels. His ears as well. Leave his cheeks in the exact same place... people's eyes are actually right in the center of their heads, not near the top. However, the ears are in proper placing relative to the eyes, they come up about the right height. I would, myself, say they could be a couple pixels longer, due to the size of his head. But I'm glad to see you didn't mirror it... it brings a bit more life into the picture.

I like the way you modelled his face... it's not realistic, but it's not supposed to be, and I like the styling (other than the aforementioned eyes... I think it'll be better if those are moved down, he'll look less alien). I think the creases above the edges of his mouth could be extended a bit to give more depth to his face... think like those great creases for the bandanna again.

His neck looks odd... you made it extend wider to reach up to his ears. Honestly, instead of working back outwards, I would suggest having them go straight up and end at his jawline. It would produce a much more natural appearance, I think.

I would also widen his shoulders. He's a big, burly pirate, and wider shoulders would do him well. I feel there ought to be a bit more shading depth in his body as well.

All in all, skipper, I like it. You're deinitely doing great with some of those folds and creases! I think the only real problem I have with it is the proportioning. Kudos, and congrats at hopping back in to pixel work... I havn't yet... I should soon :p

General Discussion / Re: Official Pixelopolis Off Topic Thread
« on: August 17, 2005, 02:40:10 pm »
Does becoming a representative mean that I would be able to get a bamboo stick under my rank? ;)  ::)

Actually, I think reps get these funky looking glowey ninja scrolls... but beware the mighty might of my mighty wrenchatana!!!

General Discussion / Re: Welcome!!!
« on: August 16, 2005, 08:49:14 pm »
Um, hey everyone... your friendly, neighborhood Nem is back...

Nice ava, btw, lief... me like :)

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