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Pixel Art / Re: Nervous beach girl portrait
« on: August 11, 2018, 10:01:55 pm »

Stronger light, stronger shadows

General Discussion / Re: Official Off-Topic Thread 2018
« on: August 11, 2018, 01:55:11 am »
Ant Man and the Wasp was pretty good.

Pixel Art / Re: [Feedback] Stone statue + moss
« on: July 31, 2018, 04:25:46 am »
I know you are focusing on texture, but there is a good amount of potential in the possible postures the piece can convey as well. I like the colors, but the pose just seems a tad bland. Plus a different pose could help you convey more depth in the form and consequently give you a better a better avenue to render textures. Food for thought ~  :y:

General Discussion / Re: Official Off-Topic Thread 2018
« on: July 26, 2018, 11:10:13 pm »
Crow has left us. Such tragedy has stifled the last light of the forum.

Portfolios / Re: Updated Portfolio!
« on: July 20, 2018, 12:40:15 am »

Pixel Art / Re: Platformer Mockup
« on: May 24, 2018, 06:18:24 am »
You changed the title from mochimockupipxx2 to squishyround2 so the link is updated to

General Discussion / Re: Official Off-Topic Thread 2018
« on: May 08, 2018, 08:06:42 pm »
I request some way to automate removal of thread titles that start with https if possible (I don't have experience with smf though).

Pixel Art / Re: [WIP] Stone Statue
« on: March 20, 2018, 05:37:25 am »

I think you can probably still have another color in there if you make the highlight larger clustered.

General Discussion / Re: how to calculate your rates for pixels?
« on: March 18, 2018, 08:20:53 pm »
The issue is that just charging higher hourly rates will just lead to getting less work. Looking clients won't know that, given two artists A and B who produce a similar piece, A takes 1 hour and B takes 2. Most clients only have the final product to judge and not the workflow or time taken, and most don't verify actual time taken so they would take words at face value, allowing for artist B to exploit. They will just see that A charges 3$ an hour and B charges 2$ and go with B.

General Discussion / Re: how to calculate your rates for pixels?
« on: March 17, 2018, 11:47:00 pm »
I don't like hourly charges since it punishes artists who have refined a quick workflow and still produces quality work. I like to consider experience, detail, and how much I would pay if I were an average client.

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