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I was the first pixel artist at Gameloft New York, where I handled all in-house art needs  and helped procure several high profile licenses by rapidly making mock-up screens of potential licensed games on demand for the marketing staff. I was promoted quickly before moving on to Glu Mobile where I was the lead artist on numerous titles over the following several years, earning frequent praise and promotions, eventually achieving the rank of Technical Senior Artist, which required me to coordinate with senior programmers and producers to help design and improve in-house graphics and animation tools while I also continued to function as lead/senior artist on AAA licenses such as Batman and Transformers.
Since Glu Mobile I've freelanced for the likes of Sega/Wayforward and have done lead character sprite animations and other graphics for games such as Mighty Switch Force and Thor:God of Thunder for the Nintendo DS.

Please be sure to read the testimonials on my portfolio page here:
I'm known and respected in the industry for being fast, highly reliable, and loving the challenge of working within time and technical constraints.

Please email me at if you think I might be the right artist for your project.

Two long time pro pixel artists discuss the arcane origins of pixel art and why those technical limitations that defined the art form are still very relevant for modern pixel artists.

Please join the discussion and we might address your feedback in a follow up video.

For the next roughly 12 days you can use coupon code : PROMOTION to get 30 percent off anything on our store including the fantastic pixel art and animation program Pro Motion NG.


BrashMonkey is excited to announce our first ever Spriter animation contest. This contest is for all you great artist-animators out there, and the theme is "Awesome Boss"

Entries must be inspired by this phrase in any way you see fit, but the general idea is to make at least one animation of some kind of cool and intimidating thing you might see as a boss in a video game. (Additional animations of your boss are welcome, especially if you feel more animations are needed to show off the concept.) As all entries must be visible to the public for voting, we'll only accept submissions which would not be considered "offensive" to or "inappropriate" for a general audience.

Any and all art styles are allowed, ranging from the use of 3d pre-rendered bits animated in Spriter to old-school hand drawn pixel-art, or anything in-between, just so long as you're using only original art which no-one else has ownership of (partial or otherwise), and please, no Art Pack usages as a base for your boss. Any entries must be animated in Spriter.

Teams may collaborate on a single entry, but of course would have to split any prize that they might win among themselves the way they see fit.

Three cash prizes will be awarded via electronic transfer (Either PayPal or a similar means. More details in a followup announcement) as follows, based on the number of votes by community members:

      The Grand Prize of $1,000.00 USD
      Second place Prize of $350.00 USD

      Third Place Prize of $150.00 USD

All entries must be submitted in their completed form by August 24th, at which time voting will be possible.

Voting will be closed on August 31st. The winner will be announced the following day.

The community will be the judges, and the winners will be based on number of votes for each entry (One entry per person or team). Voters should consider the following attributes while casting their votes:

      Art style and quality

      Animation (interesting, impressive, lively, etc.)



No purchase is necessary. Anyone can create an entry using the free version of Spriter which can be downloaded from here.

However, now's a great time to grab the even more awesome, powerful, and fun to use Spriter Pro from our online store at 50 percent off the retail price by using coupon code: BOSS during your purchase! This sale ends July 23rd.

We will have a second announcement in the next few days with the remaining information, including how to submit your entries, etc.

If you have any further questions or comments about this contest, please post them in the official forum thread here:

Best of luck to all you great artists, and let the awesome animating begin!

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Hi Everyone,

This is Mike from BrashMonkey. I wanted to share with you a new video I made which showcases the new features In the latest build of Spriter which can be extremely useful to pixel artist or anyone making a pixel art based game.

If you're new to Spriter, it's a modular animation tool which lets easily create highly optimized 2d animations for games, which you can either export as sequential PNGs, sprite strips or sprite sheets, or, ideally use the actual Spriter project file you'd use in your game engine to recreate the animations on the fly with just the handful of “body part” images. For those who can use the actual Spriter data in their game engine, Spriter offers the ability to not just create animations, but to also designate an unlimited number of collision boxes and “action points” per frame, as well as to trigger sound effects and even variable changes at any point in each animation.
You can download the latest version of Spriter (build B8) from

You can see a quick overview some of Spriter's key features in action here:
If you'd like to provide feedback, suggestions, or feature requests, please join our forums at , or email us directly at

Thanks very much for your time and much valued feedback.

General Discussion / A new sprite animating tool in Beta!
« on: October 17, 2010, 08:28:03 am »
Hi everyone,
After about a year of hard work I've finally released the first public beta version of my sprite animating tool.

It allows for the creation of game character, effect, and item animations by combining multiple smaller images (body parts for instance)co create each completed frame.

This is the sort of technique used to animate characters in games such as Rayman, Vectorman, Alien Soldier, and Odin Sphere!

Please go to to check out the youtube videos and download the beta version. I'd love your help finding bugs and making feature requests.
Please also join the forum at BrashMonkey to post bugs and feature requests as I'm announcing this tool on amny forums and wont be able to keep track of and respond to reports and requests on all of them.

thanks much,

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