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Hello There, we are in need of new art talent to help make our ambitious game, particularly people who are looking for a long term position in our project. Our primary needs are for pixel art animators, however if you are interested in another role, do let us know as we may have the space for you now or later. We do prefer to pay based on the artist rather than a fixed rate, so contact us with your rates and we'll sort out what works best for everybody.

If you are interested or have questions, feel free to reply, pm me, email me at, or add me on discord. Discord is main method of communication so that is my preferred (though i will respond to others of course), my ID is Kealor#7848.

About you

A portfolio of some kind is needed, it doesn't need to be particularly extravagant, though examples of quality pixel art animation will go a long way. As artistic cohesion is important, it is necessary that you work within our style, some examples can be seen below. Further examples and details about style can be given on request. As for availability, it is expected that you will have at least 7 hours per week available to the project, though this can depend on art quality and payment rates/method. English speaking is mandatory of course, but if your timezone does not match up with ours that is okay. Though it is not technically needed, it is desired that artists involved will still have influence over the games development in other areas such as game play and content, as well as contribute their own artistic flair.

About us

We are an enterprising, small and global dev team and our game, Pure Blood, is a Metroidvania, Hack n' Slash, RPG with an involved story based in a Victorian era Lovecraft setting. Additional details about game play and past development are available on request, alongside a project outline document. Our short term plan is to develop a polished demo in order to garner mainstream attention and propel a crowdfunding campaign, this demo will cover the first few regions and the beginning arc of the game. We have significantly progressed through this goal in terms of systems, combat, planning, and story. Primarily however we are lacking in art and content. Recently also, due to a change in available funding, we have decided to increase our quality standards and have begun the process of reworking certain artworks. That is the first focus, but there are a lot more art needs beyond that.

Screenshots of current art

Character and city post rework

Character aerial attack animations pre-rework (to showcase baseline needed animation quality)

Boss Enemy, just to give an extra sample of theme

We hope to hear from you!

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