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Unpaid Work / Looking for an artist that can do GBC or GBA style art
« on: February 05, 2019, 01:30:37 am »
Hello, I'm Aavri from Pet slime studios and we are looking for an artist interested in helping us finish our game. ATM we have been using a lot of place-holder and non-commercial pieces to put together the game as much as we can, but moving forward we would like to bring you on to the team.

~~About the project~~
The project is "Myriad Myths: The Seal of Rilla". It is a top-down adventure game in the style of oracle of ages/ages or other top-down adventure games. In this game, you play as a young spell caster named Jojo hunting the mythical Seal of Rilla. While searching, a bridge she is crossing breaks and she falls into the river below. She washes up in a place called The Deep Wood and finds out from a local village that the Seal of Rilla is actually here.

We don't plan on just using the work for free. We are having a contract written up that will give you a dollar for each copy sold on steam, up to 20k. As soon as my friend (who is a lawyer) is done writing up the contract, I will post it here for viewing as well.

~~about the work load~~
here list of what the general workload will be.

Four main area
  • The Deep wood itself: which contains the village of Duskvien
  • Nyph Fort: an area of The Deep Wood that has been killed off and invaded by Nyphs.
  • Lakeside: An area of The Deep Wood which is the shore of a large lake
  • Root Cave: A cavesystem under the whole map, it connects all other areas together. Part of it is a mine system made by the people of Duskvien.

Three dungeons
  • The nyph Fortress: A fortress with in the Nyph fort. It is inside a hollowed out tree.
  • The Sunken temple: A temple that was built off ontop of the lake on a man-made island. Well it sunk below and into the lake.
  • Astral plane: A place inbetween worlds that hosts the Seal of Rilla

The list of enemies
-Giant Bees
-Bee Hives
-Pokey (a porcupine like enemy)
-Nyph using magic (Nyphs are goblin-like creatures but made of wood)
-Nyph using spear
-Nyph using blow dart
-Nyph totems
-Water creature
-Animated Armors
-Boss Nyph Shaman
-Mini-boss Nyph commander
-Mini-boss (placeholder)
-An enhanced version of the Animated armor (placeholder)
-Final boss (rough draft being worked on)

various UI elements
-Main menu
-Pause menu
-Health meter
-mana meter
-Spell icons
-drops from the enemies (each enemy drops one item)
-spell upgrade menu
-potion making menu
-jewelry menu

various effects
-8 spell effects with slight various tweaks depending on spell upgrade
-enemy attack effects

This is what the workload will roughly be.

We have a demo of what the project is here:
various gifs now to show off that we are committed to this project and the work we have done using the free or non-commercial assets.

More information can be given if needed. Post here if you are interested and we'll move to private talks.

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