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Job offers / Leisure decryption Game Art Commission(not pixel style)
« on: October 29, 2019, 08:09:14 am »
Hello, I am looking for a two-dimensional artist of the game to help us design visual development. We have many requirements (character design, animation, user interface, WordArt, icon, background, etc.), I will cooperate with you in character design first, not the whole project. First of all, the demand is relatively small, we can understand and run in each other. If there is good cooperation between the two parties, the next plan shall be implemented, and so on. You don't need to have all the skills to appeal. I hope you have a lot of time and energy. Ability is also important. Because we have to finish all the work in one month. We will start with a simple version. The workload will increase from the medium term. In the same way, your remuneration will increase.

You can leave during the project, but you need to complete the current work.

I can pay through PayPal (in installments for the benefit of both parties)
For example, you have completed the role line draft in the current design, and there are no problems with either side. I will pay you the money on this draft in advance. After the color match is confirmed, I will pay the remaining money

-----------------------Project requirements (character design) -------------------
Story background:
Alcatraz Island is surrounded by water. There is a group of "strange" birds on the island.
Although they look at birds, they don't fly. It looks like a square.
After a long time, their legs also deteriorated. Now in order to survive, they have to escape the volcano that is erupting.

Character design description:
The character uses the image of a bird and expresses it in an abstract way. He has the characteristics of a bird, but he is a cube.
Belong to the cartoon image (you can understand it as a square bird)

The image is composed of: face + square body
Only three roles need to be designed
The face consists of the following:
        Beak (by default open state)

The main colors are not consistent.
For example, if you are currently drawing a bird whose main color is black,
Then, if you draw other birds, you can't use black as the primary color, but you can use it for a small amount of decoration.

Each time you draw a single part, you need to create a new layer. Easy to make animations

The bird's face is on the right side, and the left side is almost just a color, so it's too monotonous. You don't have to think about it when you paint. After reading the basic style, let's discuss how to decorate it.

Each bird (one square) is 98 pixels wide and 90 pixels high。
Not counting hair and beak。The beak does not need to be too big

Three kinds of birds as well as their color.

Other aspects are discussed primarily based on late visual performance, such as whether to modify the body (add spots) and whether to change it to a feathery square (making it more suitable for birds). Late topic.

My email address is You can leave a message below.
Looking forward to cooperating and communicating with you

You can search for the game Snake bird. The artistic style and character design of the current project are very similar to him.

Job offers / I really need your pixel art(with compensation)
« on: November 26, 2018, 02:43:19 am »
Hello everyone, I am very happy to meet you here. I am a programmer and a game designer.
I developed this game with one of my friends (programmers), so we need a pixel artist.

The current game is very interesting. I am very confident. So I hope that your art will further improve the game.
Since entertainment is already very good, it's important to find the pixel style that matches this game.
This is directly related to the entertainment of the game.

The game scene takes place in the dungeon. It is a multiplayer online game.
Game style, you can refer to Enter the Gungeon (this is my ideal)
Based on this, I added a lot of buildings that match the current game.
Such as
Monster area
Dungeon surrounded by water

Each building has the ability to interact with the player (except the floor)
When I tell you about the purpose of the building, you will find it very interesting.

I will pay you the reward you deserve. I will give you a lot of time to conceive art. I will not force others to finish painting at the agreed time. But you have to pay attention to this. You have to try to find the pixel style of this game, I know it's hard. But the process is very happy. We create it from 0 to 1. Instead of use time, finally give me an unknown thing. This is terrible

You need to pay attention
Think about the overall artistic style of the game
Continue to think about the overall artistic style of the game
Still considering the overall artistic style of the game

We are friends and allies let us develop this game together. I need your artistic style. Please trust me. This game is very interesting.
At the same time, I really need your artistic style.
If you are capable, why not email me? Let's fight together.

My emial

When you send me a message, Tell me your city because of the time difference. I will reply you at the right time.

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