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General Discussion / Re: CLADUN X2
« on: September 16, 2011, 10:45:37 pm »
i think they kept it simple to encourage people to make their own. they give you more than enough colors to work with to make some impressive stuff, or you could even just copy sprites from other games..  :P

General Discussion / CLADUN X2
« on: September 15, 2011, 08:26:09 pm »
So I acquired this delightful game a few days ago and I was immediately struck with the feeling that it might be appreciated here.. but then the forums were missing so I'm posting about this now!

it's for psp. you get to replace the character art and the art for prettymuch all the equipment, also it's an excellent action-rpg dungeoncrawler.

It's possible to share your files with others too, which is really cool. Anyone already playing this?

@Sakket: Do you just use an x-acto knife, metal ruler, scissors and some glue sticks? That's all I've got and I've been getting glue all over my fingers. It's a bit of a hassle getting these little guys put together that way. Do I need more nimble finger? My girlfriend seems to have no problem putting these together. She refuses to explain her techniques, maybe you can share yours.

If I was 18 and had a debit crd I would TOTALLY buy one of these, make that the WHOLE darn set.
You just need to go to his blog and print the things up. They're free, he's really that nice of a guy.

I get glue on my fingers constantly. I try to avoid it as much as possible because it sometimes kinda messes up the outside of the model, but yeah.. I'm in the same boat as you. I use scissors, a glue stick, and a pumpkin carving tool.



plus a nice little directory to make it easier to get the game going!

One thing I did, which it appears you did something similar, or maybe exactly, with your last robot guy,
Illusion successful! the template on the robots is actually entirely one sided! the legs probably threw you off.

thanks all. This side project has effectively consumed me! I just made a new monster design that I'm quite proud of, and in the process of refining the tabletop game that  goes along with these :D  (any playtesting would help a lot)
posted everything on  :D

I don't actually have any folding techniques whatsoever.. If it's important that I get a nice clean fold I might put something like a metal ruler down, but otherwise I'm very into the casual hobby-ist attitude, my designs included.

ive been too timid to attempt miku's hair, otherwise I would have totally made a miku model by now.

also I've started moving over to a side project, which involves robots!

yup. but for some reason printing directly from photoshop doesn't work as well, so I usually open the jpgs in preview and print from there

I actually use google sketchup for getting the shapes right, it's fast and easy, and theres some extremely convenient unwrapping/tab adding plugins specifically for papercraft design, + it works on mac.
the art/textures are then done in photoshop, some trial and error is necessary for some things, but all in all it's not so hard.

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