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Hello, im looking for a high level artist who can make a few animations for combat for my project thats about to release. these animations will need to be at least 6 frames smooth/pretty for pvp , im also looking for someone to do clothes/hairs for the base its around 32x32 maybe slightly bigger.
i have a big budget and would be looking to hire you for the duration of the project
email me at or pm me here for more details

Hi my name X and i have a anime styled project im creating. so far im mid way through production and need skills/monsters which will need to be big/highly detailed and clothes done for the sprite, combat for the game is smooth and its very fun. ive recently taken more hours at work so its not easy for me to continue pushing out art but i would need you to be very versatile and able to do art at the same if not better level as i am.
my budget goes up to 3-5k maybe more depending on how much we can get done. i will need you to be top tier when it comes to anime styled art and fighting. i can send you examples of my work/stuff thats in the project currently
you can contact me here or email and send your portfolios to 

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