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UPDATE:  I have found an artist for the game.  Thank you for your responses.

Original ad below: 

Hello! I’m a biologist developing an educational game that will teach some basics of mutation biology.  The core game involves a Space Invaders type arcade game where lines of DNA are mutated by the player in ways that simulate some real-world biology.

  We have some basic game mechanics up and running, but are looking for help from an artist to help make things look great!  At this point, I am looking for some sprites that represent different DNA bases (represented as letters in a sci-fi style), the “scientist” performing the mutations, level backgrounds, and a few other small elements (explosions, etc.).

  I will pay $15+ per hour, negotiable based on experience, description of effort and expected timeframe for completion. Ideally, the art components would be completed in the next few weeks. For more details, please inquire at  Please send some examples of your work or a link to a portfolio.

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