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Pixel Art / Need help to improve myself.
« on: July 05, 2018, 10:28:36 pm »
Hi everyone, I come to thou for guidance on the path to absolute pixel mastery and domination ::)
I am not completely new to pixels, but I am new to art. Basically I have just fiddled with mostly monochrome pixels in the process of making icons for various projects of mine, as such:

But now, having abundant free time while I wait for others in my current game project, I would like to really get into it hard and start building and hoarding assets for the next game I would like to make.
So I present to you Bob, and male and female base sprites, all at (what should be) a 45 degree rpg style angle, I spent an embarassing amount of hours trying to get right yesterday:

The idea is to use them in game at 300%, so zoom up.
I would really appreciate if you told me what I got right and what I got wrong, and by all means feel free to molest them if you please, for show and tell. I'd like to get them right before I move on to culture myself on palettes, as I just snatched these off a preset in Aseprite.

By the way it's my first time drawing humans, or drawing in general since I was a child, so I would appreciate anatomy pointers too. I tried to reference photos on google as best I could for shape and shading.


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