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Devlogs & Projects / CRIME CODE - noir detective adventure
« on: July 02, 2018, 09:37:57 pm »
Crime Code - is a combination of a criminal adventure and a detective simulator with sharp plot twists and vivid characters. A young detective investigates complicated cases, bringing to light terrible secrets of the city dwellers.





* Examine the crime scene, question the witnesses and the suspects. Collect and compare the information you got while talking, surfing the Internet, analyzing the clues or even reading newspapers.
Cooperate with other police officers. Give orders and communicate to track down the betrayer.
* Work out individual conversational tactics. A panic monger could be threatened, while others can be offered a deal or caught red-handed in a lie.
* Work at the computer. Search the Internet and databases, hack accounts and servers with the help of social engineering.
* Make difficult decisions. Is it alright to break the law to catch a dangerous maniac? What will you say to a criminal holding a child at gunpoint?

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