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Job offers / Re: [PAID] Gameboy-Style RPG Pixel Artist wanted
« on: June 15, 2018, 10:52:02 am »
Hello everyone and thank you all for your replies!

I've received an overwhelming amount of reactions and must close this topic now.
I'll answer any message within the next days and hope I won't forget somebody.

Let me tell you, I've now looked at all portfolios, and every single one has been really awesome.
So, honestly, if I won't work with you, it's not because any flaws in your work.
I'm more likely to make my final decision based on intuition, rather than objective valuation.

This is really a sublime community with outstanding artists.
Thank you very much!

Job offers / [PAID] Gameboy-Style RPG Pixel Artist wanted
« on: June 13, 2018, 01:21:37 pm »
Hello everyone,

I am looking for a pixel artist for an Action-RPG project.
I can offer a rate around 35$/h.

The game is meant to be released on Nintendo Switch (and PC), and should resemble the style of old Gameboy-Adventures (Zelda - Link's Awakening or Final Fantasy Legend / Mystic Quest).

Tasks will include:

- Complete Tilesets
- Smaller animated sprites (player, NPCs, smaller enemies)
- Large animated sprites ("boss"-enemies)

You only have 4-6 shades of gray to use. No color.
Most animated sprites will include 4 directions of movement, and at least 3 animation frames.
Tile-Size is 32x32 pixels.

About me:

I am a freelancer software developer based in Cologne, Germany.
I've been developing commercial games a few years ago, and now want to produce my first indie-game.

Project plan:

As I am paying everthing from my own pockets (so to say), the first job might not cover the whole game.
Honestly, I have no idea how much the entire project will cost (including marketing and publishing), so I might offer jobs step by step, or go for crowd-funding after a playable demo is completed.
A consistent style is very important to me, so you can be sure all following jobs are reserved for you, if we like each others work.

The prototype (and maybe the final game) will be developed using LÍVE2D, with some customizations for Nintendo's SDK.
Target Platforms are: Windows, OSX, Linux and Switch, of course.

I have a fuzzy google document with more detailed descriptions, ready to be shared with interested artists.

PS: Because I'm working on my clients tasks (for rent, food you know...), this is unlikely to become a full-time job.

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