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I'm currently working on a demo I'm hopeful to get out of the door in a month or two and need some artists to help me realize my vision!

This is paid contract work, and since I need a few different things, I'm open to having a few artists for specific assets, so inquire even if you can't do it all! I am still pretty open to styles but am looking for high end pixel art (think Owl Boy) . I'd be looking for (each line could be a single contract, but if you are capable of doing more than one please let me know)

Card Art (1 Card Back, 15 Card Arts)

Character Art (Including animation, 1 Hero, 5 enemies including boss 4 animations each + 1 victory animations for the hero, 25 animations total)

Backgrounds / Scenery (Need a normal room and a boss room, the doors need to be toggleable on different layers as well as assets)

Please include a portfolio link and rates in your response, you can additionally email your work instead to, thank you!

It's been a while since my last update and there's a good chance I'll proooobably miss a couple of things that have happen since the last post so today I'll just talk about the UI.

The UI in the last demo... wasn't much of a UI, it was a bunch of components slapped into a section of the screen and I tried to make it as minimal as possible to avoid the player needing to look at it too much!

Well, the theme for this demo was SEXY. Make. Everything. Sexy. As possible as I can.

So the UI got an update, enemy sprites got an updates, and I even stepped up some of my work with effects!

But back to UI- the 4 5 major things that needed to be addressed were:

Player Buffs/Debuffs
Enemy Buffs/Debuffs
Enemy Guard Meter
Special Meter

Originally player buffs were going to follow the player, but I found that to be cumbersome, and well- ugly!

So I carved out a little nest for them on the left side.

Next up was enemy buffs, I think often times players rather see an enemy be visually effected OR not have to look somewhere else to keep track of an enemy's ailments, ESPECIALLY with real time, so the enemy buffs will stay with them. This works because the player is FAR more mobile than the enemy's in the game.

Enemy Guard Meter is actually pretty similar to the old system, except to avoid confusion it's hanging out with the enemy on the right side of the screen.

The special meter worked okay before and remains unchanged, there's a possibility of animating the meter itself expanding the sword once its full but I have reservations about having it take up any further real estate so we'll see! (probably not though, I tend to not like making extra work for myself to flesh out an idea i'm unsure of from the jump)

So that was all sorted out, but we still have this BIG. FAT. SPACE. in the middle. Gosh, it feels like something is missing here. Trying to wrack my brain for a solution, EUREKA! It came to me! What about some fancy way to be SEXY about switching the turns?

I'd actually chosen a sound for the turn swapping which was a "dj scratch"... so... what about having a spinning disc in the middle?! Brilliant!

So what does it all look like in the end?

So there we have it, a new sexy much more legitimate looking UI for the battle system! Now let's see it in action!

With that out of the way most of the new items for the demo are finished! Some bug checking and polish remains but I'll be sure to flesh out another feature before it's done! :D

Thanks for reading!

Combat Update!

So going forward with these posts I want to definitely try to show more of my process in both thought and design- I know people say you should share everything you do in your dev logs but I’ve always kind of felt that was more in a “something is better than nothing” sense and that what people really wanted to see was the final result.

I’ve sort of found that that is only true depending on your execution and people will take interest in your process if you’re captivating in its presentation, so going forward, I will try to be a bit more in depth with my milestones and such :D

Previous Combat System

So, in the first demo “Cynical 7” the battle system made the player feel that they were fully at the mercy of the enemy. This is usually true to some extent with most enemies in any kind of game, whether it’s the hordes of enemies in beat em ups, the power spiking bosses in RPGs, or the progressively harder AI in fighting games.

But with all of those in beat em ups you can usually combo a number of enemies at once, grind levels to becomes strong in RPGs, and master the game until the AI submits in fighting games. But in Cynical 7, all you could do was wait for the enemy to line up within your attack line and hope you got off a hit or two. That combined with the relentless enemy attacks ended up making combat more of a chore than I wanted it to (even though I didn’t feel like it was a chore- but I might be biased)

So the most important thing for me with this new demo was to completely revamp the battle system, with one major focus, giving the player more control with perks to be gained for its mastery.

The new battle system has two phases: Enemy Turn and Player Turn

Enemy Turn

During the enemy turn combat will play out a lot like it did in the first version, the player will dodge the enemy and try to land blows of their own. One major difference is this time around the player will also be able to parry attacks as well. These parries will take timing to execute but pulling them off in succession will grant the player a stackable buff :D

Player Turn

When the enemy turn ends the player turn begins. During the player turn Tris will get into hand to hand range with the enemy and be able to unleash and assortment of combos on the enemy triggered by the player in real time! Players will have to pull off combos in order to execute special moves like Harutaru Missile and Pogo Pounce! Different moves will have different uses and some might debuff or do more damage depending on the enemy and its status! The key to this system is knowing what combos do what and executing them without tripping up to maximize your turn!

But how do the turns flow?

The active turn is decided by the “momentum meter” which is much different than the one from Cynical 7. In Cynical 7 the momentum meter decided how quickly the player could move and dodge enemy attacks. In Don’t Give Up the momentum acts as a “timer” between turns. During the enemy turns the momentum bar depletes over time until it reaches the “break point”, once that happens the next hit the player lands will break the enemy’s guard and they enter “exhaustion” status and the player turn begins. The player can also deplete the enemy’s momentum faster by landing ranged attacks and successfully parrying.

Once the enemy goes into exhaustion the momentum meter begins to regenerate until it fills up at which point it becomes to enemy’s turn again. During that regeneration time the player can execute combos and special moves on the enemy.

The phases see-saw like this until the player or the enemy’s HP is depleted!

So what does it all look like? Well- something like this :D

Thanks for tuning in to this edition! :D

Devlogs & Projects / Re: Squaretale's Pixel Game
« on: June 15, 2018, 09:23:08 pm »
Its ok man, you got a valid point. We came up with the idea for this game in 2017, but we haven't been working on it for a whole year. My programmer hasn't put in much, but he's a dad and going back to college so his input will probably occur when I'm almost done (then i can bitch at him to hurry up). This is intentionally a big game and I know a lot of people say not to start with one, but I'm invested in the story. Plus I think we'll have something worth playing here and I'm learning a lot along the way. This is my first time making sprite animation or pixel art, so I'm slow moving forward since its just me at the moment. Earlier in dev I had cash to support myself while I worked on this with no job, but now I have little cash and a job. I've been working doubles to free myself 3 days a week to game dev, but I'll rarely get the full 3 for that. I wouldn't mind workin on this for a few years so long as we get to tell the story we want to tell, and were funded for it. And by the end of those years, we'll have learned a crap load about how to game dev. Technically I still don't know what the hell I'm doing. Everyday is like an experiment. 

I know this was a long winded response, but my direction has changed since we started this and with more time its only gonna get better. (p.s. as life's work, I also digital paint and do standup comedy. So expect some humor in this bitch)     

i definitely want you to be aware of the last thing you said in your reply ;)

"Technically I still don't know what the hell I'm doing. Everyday is like an experiment."

2 1/2 years on and off into my dev (DON'T GIVE UP) I have gotten muchhhh better than when I first started, I constantly want to go back and improve graphics, change systems etc etc- just be aware that while your are certainly going to get better the more you do it, it's a double edged sword, if you continue to reapply new ideas and techniques especially in an expansive game you will never finish have a finished game, I've seen people work on games for 7 years no lie that look great, but still don't even have an alpha demo.

In more simple literal turns, imagine drawing on a piece of paper with a pencil, your picture looks okay, but once you finished it, rather than start a new one, you felt like you could improve it by erasing and improving some lines, now imagine each time you improved the drawing you felt like you could improve it more, which would eventually result in a potentially good looking drawing with a hell of a lot of eraser marks :P (which I guess could represent the toil this takes and how your game can be distorted from its original vision in the process)

meanwhile, someone else who takes what they learned to a new drawing each time, ends up with a really fun tangible representation of their journey of improvement which I think would be a lot more great to have a whole portfolio of progress than 1 nice drawing, i'm not saying you're anywhere near this point but definitely something to think about so that you aren't that 7 years later game dev :)

Devlogs & Projects / Re: Squaretale's Pixel Game
« on: June 14, 2018, 07:17:57 pm »
Just taking a peek at this for the first time! I'm wondering how long you've been working on this? I skimmed the entire thread so forgive me if I missed that part, you definitely have an interesting premise, world, and a definite stray from the typical protagonist, but it doesn't look like you've got bosses or any combat with this log spanning back into 2017. I wonder how long you expect the dev to take and it you've released anything before? It seems like this could very well end up being your life's work :P

Devlogs & Projects / Re: Naïca - Pixel art MMORPG on mobile
« on: June 14, 2018, 07:07:23 pm »
First visual of the map Arena for the playtest : what do you think of it ?

It's clear you're putting a lot of effort into this! An MMO is SUCH a huge endeavor, have you released any full commercial games yet? After 5 years even now I'm just working to release my first (Although I've been working for it on and off for 2 1/2 years specifically).

I just imagine all the classes and customizations it takes to make an MMO feel fun and unique, but the pixel art niche does do you a lot of favors! :D

The characters are really popping now from the environments, but I would suggest you animate at least one other race ASAP :)

The critical attacks look less impactful than the regular ones ): I think it's because the colour doesn't stand out as much, since the value is closer to that of the background. Instead of just using a different colour, I think you should have the critical attacks pop up a larger number, maybe with a slightly different animation. That way, you might not even need the "critical" text there, the visible impact of the attack will make it obvious that it's critical.

I'm not a fan of mixing pixel resolutions (unless it's for comic effect or something). If the enemy is meant to be big, I think the actual sprite should be bigger, instead of being resized relative to everything else. Ditto for pixel text, etc - keep it all at the same scale if possible.

I def agree with your sprite size feedback, I wanted the boss to be larger, but the only way to do that was to make more detailed sprites, which also ended up not looking right because the single border line made it look too thin- I took polls but ultimately people's viewpoints were split. As for the crits and damage numbers that was just basic implementation, there's a lot of polish to be done here! I'm also not a super experienced pixel artist, this is my first attempt at making a full game with pixel are, I've gotten droves better but still much to learn :)

Actually looking at it now I kind of like it, but it definitely requires me to apply a level of effort that I'm not 100% comfortable, I think it would be a lot of stress on the final product, since this is my first commercial dev, I don't want the scope to get too crazy because I know there will still be a ton for me to learn by the time I finish it.

Here we go again!

My last post was a quick peek at the first instance of combat! Since then it's mostly been prepping and polishing assets for the new demo and only a handful require cleanup or adjustments.

Right now ironing out the look, feel, and balance of the turns and speed.

Since the last version we've added:

Cumulative Damage- Instead of throwing out a bunch of numbers each time an attack lands, each attack is added to the old total, as you hit higher thresholds of damage, the numbers will get bigger and more rewarding!

Combos- We added the first player turn specific move, the downward strike! More to come!

Player and Enemy Buffs, indicated by the icons, I'm glad they are implemented but are currently a bit ugly stationarily floating with the characters, I've already come up with a solution for this!

Tris has a better animation transitioning between turns

Enemy Size reduced (although now I think he looks too small, so we'll play around with it a bit more as I think to accomomdate the new format the battle area needs to be reduced as a whole)

Here is a gif of it all slowly coming together!

Well social media has eaten up more than enough time for today, time to get back to it!
If you are digging the game please show me some support on social media, I could really use it  ;)

here is a small peek at an early version of combat for screenshot saturday! :D


Don’t Give Up is the sassy comedic tale of Tris, an anti-social, cynical game developer  and his quest to confront his inner demons. Balance the hilariously dysfunctional tragedy that is your social life all while facing off with the phantoms of your inner conscious and those that would claim it.

It's a modern story focused RPG with real time battle and an original fighting system that gives both the enemy AND the player real time turns!

DON'T GIVE UP and is the official name and reinvention for the title Cynical 7 I've been working on and it features a new battle system and story telling. The new demo should hopefully be along in June!



The combat is still being implemented but the idea is to have an ebb and flow between the player and the enemy, where the player has a defend phase where they can do things like earn buffs and weaken the enemy, and then an offensive phase where they have a certain amount of time to dish out combos to the enemy!

In this gif the player just executed a combo move where he leaps up, fires a missile and runs back toward the enemy in order to dish more damage.

The Main Character


An aspiring game developer who suffers from anxiety and chronic “people disliking disorder”. He moved to Threeson 4 years ago after the “incident”. An unemployed introvert with only a handful of friends, Tris desperately seeks to find some sort of fulfillment in his life before his time (and his bank account) runs dry.

Likes: Anything with pork belly in it, especially pizza, mmmm
Dislikes: Social media zombies

You might even see some familiar faces during your stay in Threeson!

Thanks for looking!

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