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Unpaid Work / Want to join an amateur studio?
« on: March 04, 2018, 03:07:11 pm »
Hi there, my name is Thirsty-Robot, programmer and music composer for Quantum-Studios.

We are a small team of no more than 6 people based in America. We would like talented people to work with us, meaning we need Artists and Programmers with experience on gamemaker studio.

Currently we are working on a project named "Scrap-Humans" (which I'm the programmer of). It's an RPG combined with a tower and shoot 'em up game inspired by real life events and critique. We are looking for a creative, modern and progressive person. This is why we want to invite you to our studios, Quantum-Trash Studios.

We need: Artists (2D), Programmers(Gamemaker Scripting language) and Music or sound producers.

You can email me at:

Thanks for your time, I expect to hear about you.


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