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Pixel Art / Re: Samus
« on: May 25, 2006, 01:00:11 pm »
The form and color of these are quite good. However, there are a few things I would like to note.

The shoulder pads have been bothering me since I saw the first one. They seem a bit too plain and spherical for what they really are. Perhaps it is because I am still too accustomed to the Super Metroid era style of how Samus is drawn, but even on the newer Prime models, the shoulder pads are not complete spheres. They tend to flatten out a little towards the front and rear. You might adjust your lighting for that, it will help some in getting a more comfortable feel to your sprite.

Another thing I noted is how far back on her right arm her left hand rests. In most metroid games (2D at least), her hand is resting on her cannon a bit, not completley behind it.  It also makes her arm longer than it should be while she's crouched like that.

This made me notice her right leg in the crouched position. It seems almost devoid of shading, and is very light for a background leg- her foreground leg (left) is darker than it, which is odd looking.

But otherwise, nice work. You have the general proportions down quite well, and the color scheme is pretty good.

Pixel Art / Re: Zero Suit Samus
« on: May 23, 2006, 06:55:07 am »
I personally prefer the stance with the hand behind the body- it seems more natural looking. It seems that if the arm should be coming off to the side like that, the shoulder should be slightly more pronounced.

However, this is more true when seeing it how I was seeing it until just recently. I had not realized that the dark spot near her head was a gun ponted towards the screen. At first, I interpreted it as her elbow, with her hand up against her neck. Something like this, just from a different angle.

Just a rough sketch, hopefully it gets the idea across.

Now to get to the rest-
To avoid confusion, let's designate arm out as  [A], and arm in as . All are regarding Wayuki's edit.

On , it could use some improvement on the shading, centering near her upper thigh. [A] seems better in this aspect. In , her leg seems rather big at that location, and lacks definition. It seems almost flat, despite the large reflection. That, or it looks expanded much like a balloon, thanks to the reflection.

Also, on both, the right (her left) eye does look a bit odd when zoomed in slightly. Perhaps using a lighter shade for that is in good order?

Portfolios / [PORTFOLIO/RESUME]- mixxedstuff
« on: May 16, 2006, 05:21:21 am »
I feel rather awkward making this my first post here as I'm more of a lurker on this forum, but...

I'm Lucas Gonzalez, a 2D pixel artist, available for full or part time employment (freelance or salary).
Though I have yet to work on a true commercial project, I have done pixel art as a hobby for approximately 5 years.

My portfolio and resume can both be found at the following website-


I am flexible in my art style- though most of my previous works are rather dark in atmosphere, I can easily adjust to best meet the needs of the client.

Please contact me at

or through AIM if you would like to discuss employment.

Here are just a few examples of what's in the portfolio-

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