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I'm working on a highly ambitious non-profit, fan-made game that drives to do justice to a series that is well known for it's phenomenal storytelling and character building. Berserk. It's a series known for horrible adaptations, whether it's in the form of a manga or video-game. They haven't had the best of reputations.

Now, I understand that it's copyrighted material and there are people who have the ownership over the material. But our plan as mentioned before is not to make any money out of this. Visually it will obviously all be hand crafted on our part. Music we're not sure about yet. There are 3 of us currently working on the game, me working on the storyboard, characters and dialogue. 1 person handling all the coding and 1 other handling the art for the more detailed character avatars. But what we currently need is a Pixel artist to create our in-game characters, objects and items. I'm not specifically looking for an amateur, but due to us not making any profit on this project, I cannot pay any huge amounts even if I wanted to. Now that is not to say that I wouldn't be possible to pay at all, I can. And will be glad to, but I doubt the hourly salary would work with an ambitious project like this that can undoubtedly take time. I've tried pixelart myself, so my expectations for a helping hand are very low. As long as you're passionate about what you do and have some basic knowledge and experience on creating Pixel art, I'll gladly have you on board.

The visual aesthetic we want to achieve with this game would be something very similar to a game called "Bannerman" that can be found on Steam. Something realistic(ish).

Also, I want to clarify, I'm hoping to work with someone who is actually interested in the long term relationship as we'd love to hopefully in time form a small indie team. A formal one at that. I'd rather not have anyone abandon the ship after the project is done, assuming things would work out for us together that is. So that kind of goes to my second point I was trying to get at..

Even though this game will be 100% non-profit, we hope that it will be high quality enough to "put" us on the map.
Berserk has a very passionate community and I know that if this project is successful, money won't be the only thing for us to gain through this experience.

If you're interested and want to hear more about the pay or whatever it is, contact me at:

EDIT: I forgot to talk about the actual game at all. Whoops. So the game is based on Medieval Ages with some Dark Fantasy elements in it, lot of gore and realistic visuals / characters.

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