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Archived Activities / Re: Secret Santa 2015
« on: December 26, 2015, 07:49:34 am »
owh wow, that is incredibly beautiful dr D  :o, I utterly adore it, thank you so much! ^^

Haha no problem, sorry I didn't get it quite finished. I tried to make something calming, and a mockup, as I like mockups (as you can tell!) Thanks for mine!

Isn't it crazy how we got each other as partners?

Archived Activities / Re: Secret Santa 2015 Sign-Up
« on: November 19, 2015, 08:24:45 pm »
In again!

Same list as last year:

-Game Mockups (I really love mockups)
-Fine Details
-Vibrant Colors
-Unique but believable made-up creatures
-Cool Special Effects
-Things of epic proportions

-Anime (Only the uninspired, stereotypical stuff)
-Abstract Stuff
-Boring, plain stuff
-Long walks on the beach

If any of this stuff doesn't suit you, feel free to do whatever you want, no biggie!

Pixel Art / Re: four sprites
« on: February 14, 2015, 06:54:04 pm »
If one arm is fully extended holding the gun, shouldn't the other arm also be? I tried to do this pose and found it awkward.

General Discussion / Re: Preventing Eyestrain
« on: February 04, 2015, 10:20:53 pm »
I use F.lux all the time, and you don't even notice it until you turn it off, but I'm sure it's saving quite some eye strain when I compare it to how bright my screen usually is.

Main problem with it however though is that you shouldn't use it when you're working on art as it will heavily influence the colors. So it probably wouldn't help you too much.
However, you might be able to work on a piece with it on, and then turn it off at the end to change colors/contrast. Not sure if that's a good or bad idea.

General Discussion / Re: Quasi [Windows/Mac/Linux]
« on: January 15, 2015, 11:38:32 am »
It wouldn't hurt to try, right?

Challenges & Activities / Re: The Daily Sketch
« on: January 14, 2015, 05:22:24 am »
Seeing that ^ just makes me realize how much more I should be doing to improve as an artist.

How were you able to get all those angles? Did you happen to have an actual skull around that you used for reference, or some website/program? (3D Model?)

They all look pretty solid to me as well, except the bottom middle one which is hard to read.

Pixel Art / Re: [c&c]Swordman
« on: January 14, 2015, 05:04:28 am »
You definitely have some good improvements over your previous versions.

Is there a reason for making everything in saturated blue? Most parts of the sprite are indistinguishable without zooming or looking closely because they use the same color and shade. The spine of the sword and the scarf, for example, meld together with the torso. Consider differing the values.

His stance is pretty weak too, but I'm no expert on that. What do you what to convey in your character's stance?

Archived Activities / Re: Secret Santa 2014
« on: December 26, 2014, 12:14:01 am »
Dr. D I hope you like your's Im sorry I didnt encorporate your likes and dislikes into it more. Have some Happy Holidays though!

What!?  ???
You got like at least 4 things from my list there. And it's not like it had to be followed anyway. :P Anyways it's awesome.

Thanks so much, Happy Holidays.

Some really amazing pieces this year for sure.

Archived Activities / Re: Secret Santa 2014 Sign-Up
« on: November 18, 2014, 01:32:32 am »
I'm in.

-Game Mockups
-Fine Detail
-Vibrant Colors
-Unique but believable made-up creatures
-Cool Special Effects
-Things of epic proportions

-Anime (Only the uninspired stereotypical stuff)
-Boring, plain stuff
-Long walks on the beach

Pixel Art / Re: Help with characters and environment
« on: November 11, 2014, 11:58:06 pm »
But how do we start something like thins ? Do you begin in 1920+1080 and make a line and put color ? or do you begin with a really little picture, put all your shape and then make it bigger and add details ? And for the color how to know when to use those awesome blue and purple shadow ? It all look so clean, when I try it's awefull x)

Everyone works differently, but generally you want to work from less detailed to progressively more detailed. For a scene like that you may want to draw several thumbnail sketches for some compositions. After you find the one you think works the best, draw it out larger and then start deciding on where smaller details will go, still being a bit sketchy in the process.. and from there I would just start refining if I don't feel like it needs to be drawn over again. Colors can be changed at any time and you will usually find yourself tweaking things after the picture is finished. Some artists even draw entire pictures in grayscale and then only add color at the end.

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