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Job offers / iPhone Shmup looking for artists
« on: May 24, 2013, 02:28:41 pm »

We are looking for artists to cooperate with us in a great shmup for the iPhone, for profit share.

Here is a video demonstrating the gameplay:

Gameplay video

if interested, please send email to:


Job offers / Re: 2D Artists/Partners for iOS SHMUP.
« on: November 24, 2012, 01:02:38 pm »
Still looking... Please check out the game here:

IOS Shmup preview

Job offers / 2D Artists/Partners for iOS SHMUP.
« on: October 24, 2012, 06:01:57 pm »


We have been working on a big iOS SHMUP project for more than two years now, the development process is going smoothly and we currently have a near-finished game product.

Everything from the graphic-engine to the game-engine has been written from the scratch, and that's to get the best performances and smoothest gameplay needed for good SHMUP action. Our extensive efforts have been a success and we ended up with a smooth 60FPS action even in the old iPhone devices.

The gameplay was also a big concern for us, we wanted a game that is challenging and fun to play as well. We came up with a system mixing the  bullet-hel style existing on many Cave's SHMUP titles such "Dodonpachi" series, and the fast-reactions-challenging style found on "RaidenIV" and similar game titles.

We have got as a goal, from the earlier stages of development, to produce a high quality game that would make players enjoy themselves and always remember it as one of the best games they have played, and that have the full potentials to generate a big revenue, rather than those throwaway small games that don't do justice to any party, whether the player who purchase them, or the dev team responsible for producing such products.

We believe that this game would be a great competition to the greatest SHMUPs in the iOS market, and would bring some good money to compensate all the hard work which has been invested.

We have prepared a cool video demonstrating the full gameplay of the first two levels for you to watch, and that's so you can judge by yourself the quality of the project, as well as how serious we are. The link cannot be posted in public forums for now (for some marketing purposes), but sending you the video link to download would be the first thing we will do as soon as we hear from you, which would allow you to consider being a part of the team, based on complete informations.


We need multiple artist to take care of the artistic side of the game, and help getting this game to completion.

Candidates should have some good proven 2D skills that would allow them to produce good quality art, and some free time to invest. They should also be willing to put significant efforts on this.


Artists would be responsible for creation pixel sprites, bosses, backgrounds and illustrations.

The style of the sprites should be similar to what is used on most of the known SHMUP games in the marketů Anything that is looking good would make the tricků This would be the same regarding bosses and illustrations.

No pixeled backgrounds are needed, due to the complexity of producing good background in pixels. We would rather opt for medium detailed conceptual art such the examples below. This would make the backgrounds making task easier and would give the game an unique look:



A total of 30% of the revenue that will be generated from selling the game would be offered against the overall art job.

Companies looking to invest money on cool games and putting their names on it are also welcomed to contact us. You will get 30% of the revenue against hiring and paying artists to get the job done.


Please send an email to us, with attached examples of your work (or a link to your online portfolio) to:

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