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Job offers / (PAID) Dog Demon Hunter Illustration
« on: November 27, 2017, 05:03:37 pm »
- Fixed Price Only

- Paypal Only

- Payment will be released once the illustration is delivered

- Artist needs to be flexible with changes

- Full body, full color, NO background

- Drawing style similar to this

- This is the pose reference

Demon_Hunter_Action_Pose" border="0

- He's holding his hat with his left hand while he's aiming his gun with the right hand

- He's in mid air

- The dog race I want you to base the design on is "German Shepard"

- He's a good guy, but he really enjoys shooting demons, he has a grin on his face while looking in the same direction as the gun

- He's thin, athletic

- Please send me your pricing info via PM

Best regards

Hi there, I would like to provide a quick update about Mr. Joshua, as I said before he delivered what he promised last time

This time around I commissioned him a character design, he requested me to pay him via paypal as a gift, I'm aware that by doing that there's no buyer protection by paypal, but since up to this point I trust Mr. Joshua I decided to do it

I haven't heard of him since the payment was made, he was replying relatively quick while we were discussing the payment, but as soon as I send him the money, the replies stop being frequent, no sketches or anything delivered up to this point

I'm still hoping to hear from you soon Joshua, don't let me down

To the petition of Mr. Robinson I'll share some bullet points about my professional experience with him so far.

- Out of 3 hired, paid up front pixel artists, one of them delivered a very subpar end product based on a previous prototype model made by Mr. Robinson and the other didn't even deliver anything at all, Mr. Robinson was the only one who delivered a satisfactory end product.

- So far he has delivered every single commission for me

- He does several revisions until I'm satisfied with the end product

- He's really open to suggestions and creative ideas, something really difficult to find in an artist with actual talent

- Really easy to have a casual conversation with, this may seem like an irrelevant point, but believe me, freelancers who get out of their way to know more about the client's project, the client himself/herself and share some extra information about them tells you that they're genuinely interested into the project and they're not just after a paycheck.

- He's capable to deliver impressive sprite work with an unlimited palette, but his abilities shine even more when I imposed him a limited 4 color palette for the sprites.

- The animation is really smooth for all his end products delivered so far, is so good that I'm wondering why don't he just opens up a youtube channel, makes some mainstream fan animation clips and see Patreon money coming in

After working for years with freelancers, I'll say this

300 USD may sound like a huge budget, enough for getting whatever you commission to the freelancer to look exactly like you're envisioning it in your head; but the truth is that this amount barely covers minimum wage for a week Monday through Friday and we all know that artistic work needs a lot of concentration and the artist will need breaks from time to time not only physically but also mentally; an artist doesn't read your mind, so if the first draft doesn't look like what you were expecting you need to sit down with them and point out what's need to be fixed, you may have paid money for this job but truth is that you'll have to work a little bit too.

Saying "I like your portfolio, here's 50 bucks, make me a sprite and make sure it looks cool! You'll have it in two days tops right?" Simply won't do

Those are my two cents, best regards

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