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Me and a few friends are looking to start a puzzle based platformer to be released on steam. Currently we are looking for a pixel artist to create the artwork we need to make the game a reality. Ultimately, the game will involve altering the environment to pass through each level.

The game itself requires very little animation so we're mainly looking for artwork, UI elements and promotional graphics (for the Steam page). Some simple animation will be needed though.

Whilst we can't pay upfront we will share revenue from any sales that are made. At the moment we are able to provide 25% of all revenue. We've also published a game on Steam before so we understand the process and are focused on publishing this game too.

For anyone interested, please contact me either through private messages or through Discord: RCRyan#2438. I'm happy to give more details and go into more depth about the specifics of what we're looking for.

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Hi there, me and a friend recently completed and published our first game on Steam. It's had minor success but the lack of any form of art style really limited the games appeal.

We're now starting up our new project, a 2D side-scrolling rogue-like and are looking for a pixel artist to design characters, enemies and tile-sets.

Whilst we cannot offer any initial payment for any work done we are willing to share profits upon the games completion.

If anyone is interested please contact me via email or through discord where we can talk more about the project.



E-mail:    Discord: [DPW] RCRyan#2438

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