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Goal: To find a pixel artist to pay or j/v (joint venture) 50/50 with on a simple addicting fun to play game we can sell on Steam, or independently with my uber leet media buying skillz. If this first initial simple project works out we can tackle more complex projects. Admittedly I'm an entrepreneur and while I love video games and programming, I also love sweet, sweet money and I'd like to make a lot of it.

Style: I love pixel art, and the whole "aesthetics" Fiji water style the kids are doing these days. Here's an example of something I thought was beautiful:

Concept: I don't even have one. Let's think of a game together. Heck, you're the artist. Let's bring your vision to life. Ideally something we can make a bunch of money with. I'm a media buyer too so I could probably advertise and sell it for a profit. I'm kind of a jack of all trades with everything except art.

I've been programming for windows for over 15 years. Yesterday I coded my first "game" for my friend Courtney (coco). It's called "coconut jumper" and I really just did it as an excercise in game mechanics because I've never coded a game before; but I've since determined that I can code pretty much anything 2D. Platformers, RPGs, JRPGs, addicting little games like Flappy Bird, whatever.

Here's that:

^ Watch video

The graphics and music were "borrowed" from YouTube and Google Images. I'm a solid coder but I usually focus on network/automation async multithreaded programming. Anything we make together would be a lot smoother and beautiful with flawless controls and hit detection. This is something I just slapped together and kind of said "Oh hey, look. I'm a game designer now." but don't let the sloppiness fool you. I'm a very skilled Windows programmer.

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