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Portfolios / Re: 2d pixel artist Michael Parent's portfolio
« on: February 10, 2014, 05:57:40 pm »
I'm once again availible for work.


Portfolios / Re: 2d pixel artist Michael Parent's portfolio
« on: November 13, 2013, 12:21:47 pm »
I'm once again availible for work.

Another contract finished.  I'm once again availible for work...full or part time.

Bumping becasue I'm currently availible for work.

Devlogs & Projects / Re: Kickstarter thread!
« on: April 04, 2012, 09:28:22 am »
Hi fellow pixel-pushers,

This is Mike at
The beta version of our all new Spriter, a highly optimized 2D game animation tool, is finally available. What makes it special is it's specifically for creating animations for games!

It doesn't just export sequential images of full frames, it can also export the actual animation data in XML format, so game engines can recreate all the animations using just the original source images (like body parts) thereby saving massive amounts of VRAM and disk space. It will also support tons of game specific features, like visually placing unlimited collision rectangles per frame (with names and numeric values for each!), unlimited action points per frame, unlimited named variables can be changed per frame, and sound effects can be triggered per frame. It also supports an awesome feature called “Character Maps” which lets you show, hide, or replace images from specific folders on the fly to make game features like customizable character appearance and changes in weapons, armor, etc super easy and efficient.

Please check out the Kickstarter page to learn more and for the link to download the free beta version.
We'd love your feedback, suggestions, and support so we can make Spriter hands down the ultimate 2D game animating tool.


A note for pixel artists: for now it uses HWA filtering, but in the relative near future we will be adding a pixel art friendly mode with no flitering and aith no floating point pixel coordinates, and in general, a better experience for working with low res sprites. Still even in its current beta stage, I think Spriter can me a very valuable tool for creating animations for even low res games, by creating the animations large than you need for the final spriters, then batch processign the, down to your final size. (then palletizing and pixel popping as required or desired)

Thank you very much.


Hi Everyone,

I've worked as a game artist for Studios such as Gameloft NY, Glu mobile and Wayforward studios for over 7 years. Recently published titles I've worked on include Thor: God of Thunder for the DS. You can see my portfolio and testimonials at
I'm looking for a couple of talented individuals who would like to benefit from my experience.
Here's what I can offer:

1)Lot's of constructive criticism and guidance.
2)Help creating or improving your portfolio to professional standards as quickly as possible.
 3)First hand experience creating art for games that will be published.
4)Paying work as much as possible. (pay rate will depend on the opportunities that present themselves and the speed in which you work.)
 5)Your name in the credits under “artist” for any game you produce art for.
6)Lots of tricks of the trade, and eventually lots of connections in the industry. (once you're ready)
Any interested, please email me at

I've been in the industry for roughly 8 years, working on numerous pulbished titles for Gameloft and Glu mobile and freelancing for several other production studios.

My most recent published works are Thor: God Of Thunder for DS and BooTown by Glu.  I was also the lead artist for the DS title  Spy Kids: All The Time In The World.

My portfolio and resume can be seen here:

Please read the testimonials on my website from Producers and art directors from some of the most respected studios in the industry.

I'm currently availible for work.

thank you,
Michael Parent

General Discussion / Re: A new sprite animating tool in Beta!
« on: October 17, 2010, 06:56:19 pm »
Hi PixelPiledriver,

1) currently the tool exports a simple, easy to read INI file... pretty much plain english... what image goes where, with what widthm height, alpha ect...
2) I curently do not supply any real description of the file type.. but I will. I'm also speaking with plug-in programmers for many popular game authoring programs and will eventually have export to XML for one or more of them built into the tool..and there will eventuually be plugins for these game authoring programs to support this tools data.
3) I will also working with a team of engineers to create an entire game authoring system that will support this and other tools I will make, and will be able to export to all the major platforms...built on top of "SDL"
4) exporting the animations as fully assembled images is soon as I can make it happen once the major features and bugs are all taken care of.
5) I used Multimedia Fusion 2 Dev to make spriter.  The game Demo is made with Construct.
6) In the game demo thetrees are actually "programmed"  the character is actually fully rendered frames... the demo was made using Construct ( ) I built my tool AFTER making that demo because I want to use my tool to make the real version of that game...and do it properly.
7) Eventually Spriter and my games will run on multiple platforms. My games will be commercial, eventually, ther will be a commercial version of Spriter as well, but there will always be a free version with all the critical features (all of the ones in the curent version plus a few more)... The commercial one will just be further enticement for people to donate so I can keep making it and the other tools I plan to make as fast and as good as possible.

thanks for the encouragement!

This contest is officially declaired closed at long last and the winner by deault (no ther finished skins) is Atnas.  I'll be contacting Atnas shortly to arange for payment of the 100 dollar prize.

To the other who had come close to finishing a skin, If you ever do make a finished one, please let me know. :)

thank you to everyone involved.

I'm terribly sorry it didn't work properly for you snader. :(  Its odd that it worked perfecly fine for me and the other people makng skins as of about a year ago, but I just experimented with it to see if I could duplicate what you were talking about and for some reason it seems to now be much more sensative about the PNG's. (maybe a windows update since the time I had made it?)

I do know for a fact that the reason when you tried to replace an image with a blank image, it only seemed to change to the color was because it wasn't able to read your PNG at all ... as though it thought it was a completely fualty image file....which I'm sure it wasnt :(

Here's what I could figure out on my windows XP system.

1) If saving out and using indexed PNG files (from pro-motion in my case)<< it would only count pure black as transparent...even if another color was sent to transparnt, only black would be transparent in the demo. :(

2) The safest bet seems to be t save out 24 bit PNG's (even if you made it as indexed, just save it out as a 24 bit with transparency)  This worked well from my old version of phtoshop.  This also worked fine when replacing an imge with an empty image of the same name.

I'm really sorry you found this so late and that it now seems to be such a finicky program.  It really would have been great to have anothr entry and I hate dissapointing people.

I'll be calling the contest offically finished at midnight French-time (where I live)

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