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Job offers / Re: [PAID] 500x500 Title Animation
« on: October 21, 2017, 09:37:24 pm »
The position has been filled. Thank you everyone for expressing interest!

Job offers / [PAID] 500x500 Title Animation
« on: October 19, 2017, 01:55:41 am »
I am pleased to announce that my aerial dogfighting game, TOP KEK, is near complete. Will you be the one to add a finishing touch?

A 500x500 title animation of main character. Here is what he looks like!

And here is the Title screen! Default aspect ratio is 1080 * 1920.

Let's make him nod like this:

A previous collaborator quoted me at $200 USD. Consider that my budget. I can pay through whatever medium you'd like.

Please respond in this thread, preferably with your portfolio. You may alternatively e-mail

Hey guys,
Mr. Robinson recently completed work for me. The final product was professional and delivered faster than expected. He accommodated my preferred payment method. Please note that I offered to pay up front.

For the record, I would work with Joshua again. He is proudly listed as a contributor on my project's official website. The only reason I'm reading this thread is because I couldn't remember his portfolio url, which I intended to link to, and googled his full name.

A+ work!

Chad Fahlman
Blind Samurai (Google Play)

Positions have been filled. Thank you to everyone that has shown interest.

Thank you for responding. I have sent a PM. Please check your inbox if you don't see any notifications. =-)

Good day,
I am developing a mobile-based game called Blind Samurai. It is 100% playable by the blind or visually impaired. Players swipe left or right toward enemy noise (and cut then wide open!). Let them close the distance and it's game over.

Blind Samurai is nearly complete. There are a series of odd-jobs left. I am transitioning to a new employer and would greatly appreciate finishing development before that time.

I will pay for rush delivery and commercial licensing.
  • Pick a task.
  • Present your portfolio.
  • Post here or message me privately. Name your price.
    I can also be reached at

Total budget is $500.

Task List:
  • Shuriken - Design the 46x46 sprite/animation of shuriken as it's being deflected and knocked to ground by player. It could bounce or spin like a dreidel, it's up to you. I already have shuriken animation strip as it is thrown and can provide said strip.
  • Demon - The boss enemy! It lobs energy balls at the player, which must be deflected. The energy ball gains speed upon each return serve. Remember 'Tennis Bosses' from Zelda? Like that!
    I require an approximately 400x400 sprite animation of the demon taking damage and 64x64 energy ball. Please work within game animation style.*
  • Score - Each level contains 5 enemies. 4 columns and 1 strikethru represent each kill. I am currently using simple blocks (approximately 16x100). Please spruce these up by by making the columns into sword slash marks!
  • Intro screen - Headphones are mandatory. The intention is to show a 720 x 1280 splash screen instructing players before game begins. I envision a black background with white silhouette of earbuds occupying most of screen. Below it, the words, "Headphones, Please."
  • Gameover Screen - Finished, essentially. The screen consists of white words upon black background showing your rank. The Game Over jingle is a taiko drum line. I want an approx. 600x800 silhouette of man banging on taiko drum in time with jingle.
  • Achievements - A 32x32 achievement icon used for opening Google Plays achievement boards. Google also requires me to have a 512x512 (png or jpg) icon for unlocked achievements.

*Blind Samurai player and enemy characters use rotoscoping. Essentially, pixel art traced over live animation. See Prince of Persia for an example. The characters are black silhouettes except one arm and sword.

In-game screenshot:

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