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I wouldn't mind changing my rocks Kren, it's just that I was trying to match up with the tile closest to mine. To be honest, I wanted a bit more detail anyway.


My tile will hopefully be done by the end of the week, since my AP exam is Friday, and I have a concert tomorrow. Vertigo, I went a bit into your tile to fill in some empty space, I hope you don't mind. I also tried to keep the same style on the rocks, how do you think it turned out? Also, Froli, I changed the spot where the walls differ in height, it's only a few pixels but I think it looks cleaner now. Please tell me if either of you want these things returned to normal.

Agh, sorry I've been so quiet. I am working on my tile, but I went away this weekend, and just saw now that the tiles around me don't fit with my wip. I'm reworking it, but I will not have sufficient progress to post until at least Tuesday, since I have an AP Chem exam coming up. I'm loving the new tiles that came up while I was gone, this thing is amazing!

Dang Xion, yours was one of my favorites :/ I really wish you wouldn't give it up.

I'd like 92 then.

Is it too late to claim a tile? Namely 115?

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