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Unpaid Work / Looking for an artist, beginners accepted
« on: December 07, 2016, 05:55:58 pm »
We're currently looking for a 2D artist to work on our fighting game. Currently we're composed of a composer, a writer,a developer and me, the main programmer. We began to create it and to code it about 1 month ago, and most of us are new in game creation. The project will be side viewed, with a 2 players mode and a solo one, and will provide few platforms (2 or 3) in each map. The character pool will be composed of at least 7 characters, each with its own stats, to provide choice to the player. We will also provide a story mode, and a level system for the characters.
We're welcoming any level of experience, and, if things works well between us, perhaps we'll make few more games together !

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